back to article If Dell and EMC really do merge, expect massive, bloody consolidation

We're far from convinced that Dell acquiring and/or merging with EMC is a good idea, but if it did what kind of entity would we be looking at? The crux of the matter is just how much overlap Dell is willing to endure. And the answer may be "lots". Dell's made much in recent months of giving customers choices. Exhibit A is the …

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  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nutanix will be the first casuality...

    Nutanix will get crushed by this because the VMware/EMC team (logically) will be running the converged and hyper-converged platforms post acquisition.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward



  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Let the Chaos begin

    If this merger comes off, this will force many vendors hands to show their cards. Will HP come off with an 11th hour bid ? Unlikely, HP is weeks away from their split and whilst I have read speculations this is why DELL has chosen this time to execute, it will not effect HP, only benefit them. The chaos to ensue post this deal being signed will be close to the first missile launch of a nuclear war. What will Cisco and NetApp do ? Nutanix is left out in the cold holding a warm glass of champagne asking themselves "but what about our wedding night?" Microsoft and Citrix will be wondering which major vendor will be taking them to the prom in the new year.

    Maybe Cisco and HP have something in common here. If DELL doesn't spin off VMware then I cant see Cisco or HP feeding the DELL bank accounts for much longer.Yes OpenStack is on the rise, but its still years away from mainstream adoption. is this the turning point for a major alliance with Microsoft on an "HyperV and Azure first" strategy from a major hardware vendor ??

    Lets face it DELL is not known for R&D or "market leadership" rather for selling cheap kit to customers who don't want the "bells and whistles". I somehow don't think current EMC customers and their channel will subscribe to this business model.

    All of the start ups will be waiting with bated breath for the fallout, some thinking "awww I thought we were going to be acquired next... Oh well back to the VC's to get more funding we go !"

  5. ntevanza

    So long

    Dell and EMC employees and customers have my sympathy, for the first time, and for a limited period only.

  6. TranceMist

    Liquidate EMC

    He's going to liquidate EMC and return the money to its shareholders!

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