back to article Chinese dragon Alibaba ramps up cloud war with second US data center

Chinese cloud purveyor Aliyun, a division of the Middle Kingdom's Amazon equivalent Alibaba, has opened its second US data center in Silicon Valley. The move is part of its international expansion plans, with the company having earlier this year signed up a raft of international partners to flog its services globally. Alibaba …

  1. Your alien overlord - fear me

    Didn't they know Huawei was spying because NSA/CIA/FBI/whoever had spyware in Huawei's kit already and could see what they were doing? Or was this an urban myth doing the rounds to discredit Huawei?

    1. Dadmin

      It sounds reasonable to me. I think this is a case of; "hey, we're already spying on our own citizens and are in-progress to start stealing tech IP for military use too, and we don't need your hackers piling on, unless we need your help with it later." Also, the US gubment is not yet at full strength hacking capacity and won't be for some years. Meanwhile, China and every eastern European nation has all their best hackers already in full production, no need to try and recruit better staff from the public sector because the US Cybrecorpse; a) won't pay them a competitive wage, and b) will bitch if they ever smoked some puff or drank a bit on the weekdays. Now, who's left with so much skill at the keyboard and none in the real world that will take this low-pay gig and not go Ed Snow on them? I could count them with one robot hand, or perhaps a single robot penis.

      HAHA! This just makes the private sector IT security biz a much more lucrative place to hang out. Also, Yahoo! Inc has been invested in and good friends with this Chinese super site, so perhaps this is just China growing up and wanting to do real biz in the open, without having to cheat and steal their way into the latest technologies. Or it could be a giant spy operation running in the heart of the nation's tech center? If that's the case, perhaps the US Cibercorps can spy on them? ;)

  2. thames Silver badge


    "However, the US has a somewhat problematic relationship with Chinese companies – having banned Huawei from bidding for US government contracts because of concerns over spying."

    Yes, I can see that the US government would be concerned if Chinese companies wouldn't help them to spy on people.

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