back to article The tyranny of choice: Why enterprise tech buyers are confused

The tech industry has left users punch-drunk with choice with the ever-increasing complexity of the technology offering being one reason for the recent sluggish IT market. This has exacerbated the impact of a strengthening dollar which has been behind an unprecedented rise in the price tags of tech products, Canalys boss Steve …

  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    You say "treasure trove", my preciousss...

    this treasure trove of information

    Yeah ok, how does this fit together with

    Safe Harbour ruling in the European courts

    Not keeping one's hand in one's pocketsess even when Safe Harbour was still listed under "suspension of disbelief"?

  2. Naselus

    Oh rly?

    "If Google opted to turn Android into a notebook operating system, “we can see this product making real headway.” "

    Hands up anyone who'd seriously agree with that? Making the jump from PC/notebook to mobile/tablet hasn't exactly worked well for anyone else who's tried it, and I've not seen much evidence going the other way either really. There's a good reason Steve Jobs kept iOS and OSX separate and never took suggestions that the two should be merged seriously.

    The devices are for different purposes and analysts would do well to remember that, rather than lumping together everything with a CPU in it. When the IoT picks up (and when they're stopped masturbating furiously over the profit projections from it), are we going to have idiots at Canalys or Gartner claiming that a buoyant self-aware refrigerator market is likely to factor into reduced PC sales?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Oh rly?

      buoyant self-aware refrigerator market

      "Open Door Policy" will take on a new meaning

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