back to article Robin flies into storage aviary: Will it soar, or is it just winging it?

A new robin has landed in the storage startup tree, whose song promises to clear up the sprawling horrible inefficient mess that is today's Big Data munching and analysing customer IT infrastructure. If that strikes a chord then read on. It is Robin Systems and it has just gained $15 million in A-round funding led by a USAA …

  1. DainB Bronze badge

    I'll wait

    Until they sell themselves to some sucker or go bankrupt.

    What my 25 years experience in IT are telling me is that storage is the last bit of your infrastructure where you want use any newey and shiney "disruptive" technology no matter how good sales spin is.

  2. PacketPusher

    Flipping the bird?

    Is the picture at the top actually a robin? It may be a north america v europe thing, but all the robins I have seen were darker on top and redder on the bottom.

  3. ayushjn

    Interesting but yet to build confidence

    I agree with DainB here. Yes the technology looks promising and indeed saves a lot of resources too. But still, when we are talking about data storage, experimenting would be the last thing on my mind. So, as development moves forward on this, we would get a sound picture about where this is heading.

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