back to article Microsoft updates Band semi-smartwatch for fitness fanatics

While Microsoft has been bigging up its Surface tablet/laptop rollout, Lumia phones, and HoloLens suite, there was still room for a few add-ons, notably its Band fitness tracker. The Band 2.0 has been redesigned with a curvier screen to fit around the wrist more comfortably, and a repositioned battery. In version 1 the battery …

  1. Bob Vistakin


    I actually did see one of those app less mythical Microsoft mobile phones in the wild - just as they were universally declared dead by the industry.

    Will I be going through the same thing with microsofts catch-up "me too" watch?

    1. AMBxx Silver badge

      Re: Sigh

      Did you get the wrong forum? This one's about MS Band, nothing to do with phones.

  2. Grade%


    A teensy tiny anemometer would be pretty cool though probably a bit delicate and prone to snag on the sleeve. Now, as to predictions, the consumption of certain legumes predicates production by four to five hours most reliably.

    I'm on mobile but mine is the one with with the wind sock in the pocket.

    1. AMBxx Silver badge

      Re: Wind?

      I like the idea - would work better on a phone though - little hole through which the wind could blow.

      1. Bob Vistakin

        Re: Wind?

        Did you get the wrong forum? This one's about MS Band, nothing to do with phones.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Cortana, why did I buy this?"

    "Well, someone had to."

    "You make me larf Cortana!"

  4. tony2heads


    If the device is sufficiently waterproof could you use it for diving?

    1. Vic

      Re: barometer

      If the device is sufficiently waterproof could you use it for diving?

      Very unlikely. Water is so much denser than air, that if it's got the resolution to be useful out of water, it's very unlikely to have the range to be useful underwater.


  5. Drat


    I have to admit I like the look of this, just a shame the functionality is a bit lacking. Make something like this running android wear and I would be very interested. I like the idea of instant information on a wrist mounted device, a band like this seem to look less bulky than a watch styled device.

  6. Beornfrith

    I won't be buying one as I have only had my "Band 1" for a couple of months but it has offered a fascinating insight to my health thus far. I am disabled and have no use for 'guided workouts' or cycling/running tracking but I can track my heart rate throughout the day and night (which has helped me isolate and tackle some very awkward sources of stress) and can use the sleep-tracking data to gauge how certain activities and medication are affecting my sleep patterns.

    I was sceptical about all of these sorts of things and although I wouldn't want a smart-watch having a "half intelligent watch" that can do all of this tracking and combine it with notifications, Cortana and a few apps is quite nifty.

    The lack of a decent glass on the first version of the band is a glaring oversight, though. It's scratched to buggery despite me a) looking after it and b) not being outdoors a great deal.

    1. FlatSpot

      Looks like they have fixed that?.. now with Gorilla Glass 3

      1. Beornfrith

        Indeed, and I am glad - for the future, at least. It's honestly so scratched that I would seriously doubt my Band's second-hand value, despite its young age! An odd decision choice indeed :)

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