back to article Russia vows to shame big biz that advertises on pirate sites, and save the internet

Russia has vowed to do what Obama and the EU dare not – and we don't mean bomb ISIS. The President Putin-led nation has promised to go after big business and the pirate websites they support. The Russian government has vowed to crack down on the top 100 copyright-infringing sites, in order to shame the Top 100 brands into …

  1. msknight Silver badge

    Russia ... talking about shame ... bwaaaahahahahaaaa

    1. TheVogon

      Russia vows to shame ^^^NON RUSSIAN^^^ big biz that advertises on ^^^NON RUSSIAN^^^ pirate sites, and save the internet


  2. Fraggle850

    Advertising and image building

    Between this and the recent events in Syria Mr Putin appears to be projecting Russia as taking a lead on the world stage. Is he positioning his country as an alternative to America as a global leader? I wonder what they'll do next? Take on Google like the EU have done? Start building out Internet access in the developing world to go head to head with Facebook?

    1. PleebSmash

      Re: Advertising and image building

      Russia plays well with China and would do well to co-lead with them. Both Russia and China are projecting military power within their spheres of influence.

      China has had more success in punishing Western tech companies like Qualcomm and Google, since everyone wants a piece of that market. Russia's data localization laws could help it to get a grip on these companies. Russia has indeed followed the EU's lead and taken on Google:

      Russia has Yandex and a space industry, so a satellite Internet scheme might be possible.

  3. Zog_but_not_the_first


    "A set of solemn promises committing one to a prescribed role, calling, or course of action..."

    Was there ever a more inappropriate word for a politician to utter. Yet they're all at it, vowing this and that all day long.

    If I hear another one vow to do something, so help me.....

    1. PleebSmash

      Re: Vow

      I vow to never utter another solemn promise.

  4. John Lilburne

    Jon Taplin was highlighting this back in 2013.

    1. PleebSmash

      "continue to steal trademarked, copyrighted content"

      Report ignored.

  5. x 7

    I've love to see Putin's definition of "pirate" sites........I'm guessing anything pro-muslim, pro-gay, pro-ukranian, the BBC, ANYTHING from the USA........

    1. PleebSmash

      It could be a good way to extract more money from pirate sites within Russia's sphere of influence.

  6. Fraggle850

    Excellent point

    It will indeed be interesting to see if this is used as an excuse to further Putin's political aims.

  7. Trollslayer

    Russia? Copyright?

    Given that set top boxes without torrent clients don't sell in Russia this is the usual hypocrisy

  8. PleebSmash

    psst, Andrew

    Turn posting back on.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pot, kettle

    Putin may be ex-KGB, but he is also a lawyer. The difference between how he gets reported and how US politicians get reported in no way really reflects the similarities between them. Assad and Putin are not very nice, but nor are, say, Dick Cheney or Liam Fox.

    Russia is being punished over Crimea and Ukraine. Putin sees that as hypocrisy while Saudi Arabi kills more people in Yemen that have died in the Ukraine civil war, without criticism, and while the US sponsors people in Syria who are "moderates", yet are still fundamentalist Islamic terrorists.

    So Russia wants to be perceived as being on higher ground, and this initiative makes sense, just as intervention in Syria makes sense because, under UN rules, the Russians are there at the invitation of the legitimate government. I think it really is as simple as this: it is good PR at the UN, at a time when many smaller countries may be wondering if the US is deciding to arm their own political oppositions right now.

    1. Robert Helpmann??

      Re: Pot, kettle

      Yet I notice that he was careful to allow wiggle room as to who to pursue so there might be an excuse to only go after Western companies as those based in Russia might be too small to bother with (e.g. Russian dating sites will be safe from being named and shamed). It is a lot easier to attack those who have more to lose than oneself than it is to create.

  10. Your alien overlord - fear me

    After '"Don't call me baby", I always wondered what Madison Avenue was doing nowadays.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Putin is shorting BABA?

    Alibaba is one of the biggest advertisers on pirate sites. Now everyone is short BABA

  12. Anonymous Coward

    How could this go wrong?

    ...Afternoon Dodgy Ad Co Inc. How may we help you.

    Err yes I'd like to buy £2000 of adverts please.

    ...certainly, who for?


    ....No problem and which account is this against?


    ....No problem sir, we'll upload it now. Are you interested in the special offer for an extra £1000 we can add it to known CP sites as well

    Oh really? Ok lets do that then.

    ..OK that's now live.


  13. Lord Lien


    Russia the new bread of heroes........ Seems legit!

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