back to article Like your job at Sprint? Yeah, about that ... $2.5bn in cuts coming

US mobile carrier Sprint plans to tighten its belt to the tune of up to $2.5bn in cost cuts over the next six months, a new report claims. The Wall Street Journal said on Thursday that it has obtained a memo outlining the plan that was sent to Sprint staffers this week by CFO Tarek Robbiati. In it, Robbiati reportedly said he …

  1. Howard Hanek

    Customer Disservice

    I hope they cut the customer service rep who simply refused to hear a word I said. Every experience I've had with Sprint ended badly.

    1. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

      Re: Customer Disservice

      Service was always prompt for me. I'd bring the phone to their store with a problem and then they'd return it minutes later saying, "We erased everything and did a factory reset so it's probably fixed now. Bring it in again if it has more problems." I bet they proudly displayed statistics showing that people rarely returned with a problem after the first service.

    2. Jeffrey Nonken

      Re: Customer Disservice

      I got around that by going through an MVNO. Redpocket's customer service is variable, but I've been satisfied overall. And it is a discount service. Funny how their discount customer service is better than what you get from the larger, more expensive companies.

      Did the same with my internet. Local ISP uses AT&T pipes but provides a much better experience. And cheaper, with no artificial bandwidth caps.

  2. zen1

    They must be managed and staffed by CSC

  3. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    They need the savings

    to pay for the iPhone 6S for $1/month they are advertising heavily at the moment

    Then there is the iPhone forever offer as well.

    Gotta cost them a lot of dosh in the end

  4. swschrad

    and then there's that 1500 store deal with formerly Radio Shack...

    quite likely that means most of those outfits will shutter again. investment trashed.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    CEO pay culture

    Has he considered a cost cut here?

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