back to article As 'cheap as tape': HGST’s disk array gets Commvault OK

HGST’s Active Archive array now has Commvault certification as a backup target that offers instant access to data archives at a price point that rivals tape. It wants channel partners to resell it. The Active Archive System array is a disk array using helium-filled drives, storing 4.7PB of data in a rack for starters - it …

  1. johnnybee

    'Sociality's RING object storage software'?

    Curse you, autocorrect!

  2. Roland_Bavington

    NOT as cheap as tape

    As 'cheap as tape' - my ****!

    In the Register's other article on this device

    The starting price is $849,000

    That amount of money buys a staggering amount of tape so presumably they make it back on operating costs, oh hang on, no.... It's spinning disk so it needs constant power to make it spin and cool it down, unlike tape which needs next to no power unless reading or writing.

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