back to article Raytheon: Ho hum, another day, another $1bn cyber-security contract with Uncle Sam

Defense contractor Raytheon said it will be providing IT security for more than 100 US government agencies in a deal valued at upwards of $1bn. Raytheon said the billion-dollar contract, reportedly set to run for five to seven years, will include development and support of cybersecurity protections for the Department of …

  1. elDog

    So Raytheon, which used to make vaccum tubes, is now an expert on security

    Apparently through lots of acquisitions rather than any innate capability. Same as Lockheed, Boeing, etc. Trying to beef up their portfolios in times of Global Terror.

    1. a_yank_lurker Silver badge

      Re: So Raytheon, which used to make vaccum tubes, is now an expert on security

      My concern is Raytheon is more skilled at navigating US government purchasing than any real competence in cyber security.

      1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

        We all know how this works

        Raytheon has a warehouse full of large crates. Whenever they need a few new certified security contractors, they just go and pop open a few crates.

        Top men, I tell you.

        Top. Men.

  2. Kev99

    Another billion dollars wasted by Uncle Sam. With umpteen million employees you'd think Sam would have someone who was smart enough to install Norton or Avast or the like. Too bad they're not smart enough to take ALL private, confidential, secret, or personal data off the internet and distribute it over dedicate lines as they used to do. And anyone who's ever been around spiders or NatGeo knows just how holey a net and web are.

    1. joed

      nothing gets wasted in revolving door, it all comes back (especially to these that sign the contracts;)

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