back to article US fibre rollouts are driving Cablelabs standards in new directions

Google's fibre initiatives haven't just prodded the US cable operators to respond in kind, gigabit for gigabit – it's also driving standards. A good example was the August announcement by Broadcom of a chipset that helps cable companies (mostly in the USA for now) deploy EPON alongside their DOCSIS networks, so The Register's …

  1. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    Good on them

    Good on them. You'd probably have distinct cpe (customer premises equipment) for EPON as rolled out by Verizon for FIOS, and EPON as rolled out by a cable co. then (unless the proper firmware can support both modes of operation.)

    But, cable? Some of the cable cos are running their billing systems on a mainframe, it handles billing, sending "hits" to set top boxes (or disabling it as the case may be), provisioning or unprovisioning cable modems, and so on. Using DPoE sounds far easier than trying to come up with a totally new setup for EPON.

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