back to article Get on with it! Uncle Sam's right-hand man schools ICANN powwow

After a fruitless and frustrating day of discussion in Los Angeles, US Assistant Secretary for Commerce Larry Strickling had clearly had enough. "I've been trying to decide whether to come up and say anything or not, but the issue was forced by the fact that I'm leaving in 15 minutes," he said. "So if I was going to say …

  1. JeffyPoooh

    Simple solution...

    Use pointers.

    Issue a press release that points to an agreement to be issued next year.

    1. Lamb0

      Re: Simple solution...

      If this gets delayed an extra year maybe President Trump will send the Governator to tell ICANN "Your Fired"... or terminate them as necessary.

      That should clear the path for a new, more accountable company.

    2. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: Simple solution...

      That wouldn't work, it'd be a pointer to unallocated data.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Simple solution...

      Good call -- they should whack each other with sticks.

  2. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Nice words and thoughts, but I doubt it'll change a thing. The Board has had 10 years to clean up it's act and so far... nada. zip, zilch. I daresay that 7 or 8 commentards would be a better pick and better able to get things accomplished than that group of self-serving idiots.

  3. raving angry loony

    Unprofessional. Irresponsible.

    Rarely have I ever seen a hive of scum and self-serving interests as ICANN. Which really should be named ICANNT. They should be stripped of ALL their power, and a new organization that's actually interested in the job rather than wallowing in the power they wield appointed to the task.

    First fucker to use a powerpoint presentation should be crucified. The second should be sat on a short stake. Anyone caught not paying attention should be flogged. And I bet that the rest STILL wouldn't get the hint that perhaps they should decide things rather than just chatter inanely or play stupid power games.

    Any organization that broken needs to be forcibly disbanded. Maybe by burying the current members in an unmarked grave and starting over.

    Where's the BOFH when we need him?

    1. frank ly
      Thumb Up

      Re: Unprofessional. Irresponsible.

      I can tell that you're not the sort of person who gets appointed to committees or made chairman.

      1. url

        Re: Unprofessional. Irresponsible.

        i'm not sure that's actually an insult :)

    2. Paul Crawford Silver badge

      Re: Unprofessional. Irresponsible.

      Yes - probably best option is to nuke it from orbit.

      Start again, new board, rules that stop them plying silly buggers, and if they are OK in a years time then job done. After all, most of the Internet would function perfectly well without ICANN, certainly for the time it takes to wipe and re-install.

    3. Rick Giles
      Thumb Up

      Re: Unprofessional. Irresponsible.

      I wish I could up vote this, but this stupid app won't let me and I'm not near my laptop...

      You listening El Reg? And fix the scroll on the main page of the app while your at it...

    4. Vic

      Re: Unprofessional. Irresponsible.

      Rarely have I ever seen a hive of scum and self-serving interests as ICANN

      The next meeting is due to be held in Mos Eisley, just to make everyone look better...


  4. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    I think we need a 'C' ark.

    1. Jeffrey Nonken

      ...though the giant mutant star goat is a pretty good backup plan.

  5. Gordon 10 Silver badge

    the fix is obvious

    Run it like a FOSS project. The internet reps are the stakeholders, Icann are the project team who the stakeholders can fire if they don't behave.

    All Icann discussions and decisions are publicly published and subject to peer review. Ditto the financials.

    Then there far less room for graft and secret influencing.

  6. Cincinnataroo

    Is this an archetypal faceless committee?

    I have no sense about any of the bods on this committee. Do you?

    Steve Crocker | Chair

    Bruce Tonkin | Vice Chair

    Rinalia Abdul Rahim

    Cherine Chalaby

    Fadi Chehadé | President & CEO

    Chris Disspain

    Asha Hemrajani

    Wolfgang Kleinwächter

    Markus Kummer

    Bruno Lanvin

    Erika Mann

    Ram Mohan

    Gonzalo Navarro

    Raymond A. Plzak

    George Sadowsky

    Thomas Schneider

    Mike Silber

    Jonne Soininen

    Suzanne Woolf

    Kuo-Wei Wu

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