back to article Turnbull's revenge: Copyright moved from AGD to Department of Communications

New prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has decided that copyright, piracy, and censorship issues should be overseen by the Department of Communications rather than the Attorney-General's Department. The new arrangements have been published in the Administrative Arrangements Order in which the governor-general gives effect to …

  1. Winkypop Silver badge
    Big Brother


    What could go wrong?

    Malcolm invented the Internet, doncha know?

  2. Denarius Silver badge

    and its predecessor orgs from Howards way

    had such a track record of nothing much. And their website were full of my second favourite hate "language" if you could dignify a security nightmare usually implemented with an indifference to security and resource management that would see a C or Cobol writer sacked in seconds. What is it with pollies and IT one size fits all fads anyway ?

  3. Denarius Silver badge


    given the pimps calling lately, one gets the impression that the IT skills shortage for basic infrastructure is "The Iceberg Cometh" for the big Gov IT projects underway, let alone any future ones. The adulation for Turnbull is astonishing for its lack of of basis. His strongest point that my little circle agree on is that he is not Tony. Not the basis for hope IMHO.

  4. dan1980

    The truth is that Malcolm will win some props for this move and doesn't have to actually change anything. Are any laws going to be repealed? They were voted in by the maniacally nodding majority of both parties.

    Perhaps some laws that might have gone through now won't get off the ground, which is something, but these people let the genie out of the bottle knowing it would be next to impossible to put back in. They have seen what has happened in the US, where sunset clauses have taken effect and don't want anything like that to happen here.

    1. anonymousI

      Yes, exactly: "They were voted in by the maniacally nodding majority of both parties."

      After both those parties had trousered several million dollars in political donations from their new best friends, the content purveyors. What's that old joke about having the best politicians that money can buy?

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