back to article EE is UK's biggest loser on customer broadband gripes – AGAIN

EE's dreadful record drags on, with the mobile carrier once again bagging the top spot for the most broadband customer complaints in the UK. Subscribers moaned about a range of problems with the provider's service, including faults, billing, pricing and charges, according to Ofcom's latest quarterly report. The regulator said …

  1. wowfood

    This honestly doesn't surprise me

    Since the day EE got the rights for 4g before everyone else, the store in town has been selling 4g, or at least pushing it on everyone that walks in. Needless to say locally we still have no 4g, heck I'm pretty sure the nearest place with 4g is still about a 40minute drive away.

    I'd be willing to bet a fair bunch of complaints are people who were told they could get 4g, are paying for 4g, and are only getting 3g.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: This honestly doesn't surprise me

      "I'd be willing to bet a fair bunch of complaints are people who were told they could get 4g, are paying for 4g, and are only getting 3g."

      How much would you bet? Given that the article is entirely about EE's fixed line broadband service and the complaints associated with it, it seems unlikely that people are complaining about 4G coverage.

    2. Dr Stephen Jones

      Re: This honestly doesn't surprise me


      "I don't know any facts for sure but am going to speculate madly anyway"

      Oh. And RTFA.

  2. Nathan 13

    Nice list

    Of providers to avoid if you want a quality, unfiltered broadband service.

    1. RogerT

      Re: Nice list

      It would be a nice list if I could decipher the colours. Some of us have poor colour vision.

      1. Alan Brown Silver badge

        Re: Nice list

        You don't need to decypher the colours. Just avoid any of the companies who appear on the chart as they're the worst ones.

  3. AndrueC Silver badge

    I'm impressed by Sky and VM's performance. Especially considering all the whining I hear about jitter and congestion on VM's network - it's apparently keeping most of its customers happy regardless.

    Sky..bah. If only they'd offer a static IP address on their residential broadband they'd have one more customer.

    1. n0r0imusha

      Static IP

      they do offer , at least for the BEThere customers they acquired through the O2 acquisition

      ( you can change you noise margin and switch of interleaving as well if you wish )

      source : ex BE customer stuck around with sky as there is no Fibreoptic for the directly connected lines to the exchange ( even though the exchange was enabled for that since 2012.... )

      Beer as we are closing to Beer'O'Clock

      1. AndrueC Silver badge
        Thumb Up

        Re: Static IP

        they do offer , at least for the BEThere customers they acquired through the O2 acquisition

        Well I was once with BEThere but left for PN when FTTC became available. I had a quick text chat with them just now and was told I might get somewhere if I called their team tonight. I might give that a try as it could save a bit of money and I'm not impressed by PN's ongoing network issues. They might only hit me every couple of months and be fixable in ten minutes but they irk me. My experience as a software engineer means I don't like putting up with faults (no, really :) ).

  4. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

    @ AndrueC

    RE Virgin : TBH if my service is anything to go by then I'm not surprised. I've not had any issues over the last year at all other than one overnight outage when a workman cut through a main internet pipe (tut tut, ever heard of redundancy Virgin??).

    However, when my contract recently expired I was offered a much faster service for £12pm less than I was paying, and I've just been emailed regarding another "free" speed upgrade - although I'm sure I'll pay for that down the line somewhere.

    I'd quite like them to ditch the line rental as I have never used my land line service so I do feel a bit aggrieved at this, however, this seems trifling considering the issues other broadband customers seem to be having.

    1. Quando

      Re: @ AndrueC

      You can get Virgin Broadband without a phone line - probably have to try *very* hard on their website to avoid a bundle deal, but it is doable, but not sure how much it will save you. I pay £38.75/mth for 152/12 broadband and nothing else from them.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: @ AndrueC

        but not sure how much it will save you

        IME not much when you've allowed for the supposed multi-product discount. And the very modest resultant saving made me conclude that I couldn't be bothered to put up with the equally modest inconveniences of third party VOIP, even if the VM offer is (underneath everything) a type of VOIP.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: @ AndrueC

      "when a workman cut through a main internet pipe (tut tut, ever heard of redundancy Virgin??)."

      You can have as much redundancy as you like if you're prepared to pay for it. If you want an affordable consumer broadband service, not so much.

  5. flearider

    hold on there

    I've been with EE for 5 or 6 yrs .. never had a problem

    I have them for phone ,broadband and home phone there the fastest in the area ..

    if I need to talk to them I do and I can understand what there saying ..

    so they have at least one very happy customer

    1. Nathan 13

      Re: hold on there

      Theres always one isnt there :)

  6. druck Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    A marriage made in hell

    Looking at EE's and BT's similarly atrocious complaint figures, the merger is a marriage made in hell for their customers.

    1. Zmodem

      Re: A marriage made in hell

      can`t be that bad, EE dropping you off the network, has`nt been every 15 mins for the past week

  7. Scubaman66

    I'm terrified of posting this on the basis that everything is now going to go t**s up for me but I have to say, from personal experience (having been with EE/Orange/Freeserve/Hutchinson since year dot with a couple of years break when I mistakenly believed BT) I've never had any reason to complain about broadband service. Cusomer service has been superb and D/L U/P speeds have been equal or close to what I've been promised.

    I don't work for them and have no link other than as a customer and I seemingly have been exceptionally lucky but you can only speak as you find.

    Quite possibily it's the lottery of where you live/proximity to BT exchange/how well Opensource is functioning in your area.

    BT and Vodaphone are another matter altogether.

  8. crayon

    On EE now, the dns lookups are atrociously slow. Websites take 1-2 seconds before they even start loading, and when they do start loading they don't do so as fast as I would like them to (I'm using firefox with ad blocking and noscript and ghostery so a lot superfluous would have been filtered out and not loaded). And on average there's a dns lookup timeout every one and a half days. Previously was using Sky, they're OK, and before that used Plusnet - of the 3, Plusnet was the most pleasurable to use, even though its line speed wasn't as fast as Sky and EE websites loaded as soon as the url was entered.

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