back to article Reg Xmas lectures tackle transhumanism, driverless cars and life as a hostage

Whether you’re fascinated by what it means to be human, or what it means to be a machine, you’ll want to come to one or all of this year’s Register Christmas lectures. We’ve assembled a top notch lineup of speakers who are not just experts in their fields, but are brave enough to go head-to-head with the most challenging bunch …


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  1. Dabooka Silver badge

    Deja vu

    London - Check

    London - Check

    London - Check

    Oh well maybe next year I'll get to attend. Maybe a lecture on 'Is their life out there?' a satirical look of the debate on life elsewhere in the universe, such as beyond the M25.

    1. Sarah Balfour

      Re: Deja vu

      Seconded. C'mon, Reg! You don't HONESTLY expect folk to travel to the Smoke and spend a week's bread on a hotel, do ya…?! What if they fancied all 4…?!

      You need to 'gerrit sor'ed' coz I'm sure Reg readers elsewhere might just like to attend… a vulture isn't a flightless bird, y'know…

      Expecting folk to travel is a tad much…

  2. Banksy

    Any chance of recording these so we can watch on YouTube or summat after the event?

    Another one in the frozen North here who is unlikely to make it to that London.

    1. Dabooka Silver badge

      Oh I like that.....

      It could be shot in 8k ready for when my new telly arrives....

  3. Dan 55 Silver badge

    "I went to work as an SQL programmer, and left as a hostage"

    Yep, I know how that feels, I feel like a hostage too when I'm involved in a project which uses SQL.

  4. hatti

    Greener pastures

    Is this transhumanism also going to cover the movement of cattle to alpine pastures?

  5. Yugguy


    Other cities are available you know.

    Apart from Leeds obviously....

  6. cosymart

    Why not

    Use know the stuff that most of Reg readers use every day. By all means have your lecture in London but also have it piped to other venues around the UK. Most conference centres have smallish rooms with interactive facilities. Come on Reg show how it can and should be done!

  7. F0rdPrefect

    Driverless cars v kids.

    A question for your driverless car lecture.

    How are they going to survive 13 year olds' pranks?

    I can see it being a great game for a few urchins to leap out in front of the driverless vehicle, forcing it to stop and then run away leaving a bunch of traffic cones for it to negotiate.

    Or many many variations on that theme.

    Penny for the guy, mister. If you want your stupid car to move again.

    1. JDX Gold badge

      Re: Driverless cars v kids.

      What does a human driver do in similar situations? It's hardly a common occurrence.

    2. ingie

      Re: Driverless cars v kids.

      > switches car to manual control.

      > accelerates.

      > lightens the gene pool.

      ... probably that.

      edit: just as a side note. everyone should watch last week's BBC Panorama on "can robots do my job" - it's [in my mind] Panorama For Schools - 'twas embarrassing to watch. especially the bit where they explain what "exponential growth" is.... and the truck driver who obviously, as an "Expert On The Couch" [or in the driver's seat on this occasion], has no clue about what the technology involves and is there solely as a "White Van Man" opinion. [ no offence to non Sun reading white van/truck drivers ]

This topic is closed for new posts.

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