back to article Google accuses SEO biz Local Lighthouse of false claims, robo-calls

Google has taken exception to SEO outfit Local Lighthouse that apparently wrongly implied it has an affiliation with The Chocolate Factory. The American web goliath has taken legal action against the smaller biz in the northern district of California, alleging Local Lighthouse uses nuisance calls to sell its services. Google …

  1. Martin 47

    Honest cold call company's?

    If somehow we could get rid of these companies whilst keeping the honest ones, the process would be much more accepted.

    Well yes but only because there aren't any 'honest' cold call company's

    1. Jelder

      Re: Honest cold call company's?

      There are, of course, some legitimate uses.

      If you work in a specialist industry, or target a specific type of business calling is often the cheapest and fastest way to market - especially if you offer a service that's new or they don't know they need.

      Of course, lying to get sales is fraud - but cold calling itself is not an issue if targeted to the right people, at the right time, with the right offer. I get sales calls pretty regularly, and some are useful. It's the untargeted ones who go for high volume, low quality that give the rest a bad name.

  2. Notas Badoff

    The timing is great

    Was just talking to someone not an hour ago who was telling me about not wanting to pay $120 for "guaranteed first page placement". I'm going to get his email address and send him this article. Thanks ElReg for biting the grasping outstretched hands of IT!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    But surely ,,,

    ... this is exactly what Google do....

    Guaranteeing prominence for website advertisers in return for loads of money ...

    ... until someone with even deeper pockets signs up with Google.

    It's like one of those illegal auction schemes that the authorities haven't got round to shutting down yet.

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