back to article Chipzilla has its knockers … and now they’re cool in this venting sports bra

Chipzilla’s latest move into wearable tech embraces fashion, with a partnership that sees the company jumping into bed with sportswear brand Chromat. The companies have produced a sports bra which opens vents when it senses a certain level of heat and sweat. Chromat said its designs are based on “Becca McCharen’s theoretical …

  1. LesC

    Sports Bar

    >>The companies have produce a sports bar which opens vents when it senses a certain level of heat and sweat

    Is that the George & Bragon?

    1. Brian Souder 1

      Re: Sports Bar

      Oh give Simon a break. He obviously hit the pub a little early, and there were breasts involved.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Where are the vents?

    My mind is off fantasizing

  3. AMBxx Silver badge

    Need a male version

    to stop you getting sweaty 'male parts'

    1. chivo243 Silver badge

      Re: Need a male version

      and generating fumunda cheese too!

  4. Your alien overlord - fear me

    This will defineately be a help for teenagers (boys that is) - hot sweaty hands fumbling to get the bra off? No worries, it'll pop open by itself. Where was this 30 years ago?

  5. J D M

    Two Words

    Wardrobe Malfunction :-/

  6. Robert Grant

    Theoretical background in architecture

    Having read some theoretical architecture books, this is exactly as untechnical and arty as you'd expect.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    The worlds first digital mirror?

    I take it these guys don't know about the ones that have been around since 2010?

    Hint Intel, try looking on youtube.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Aye, I've been waiting for digital mirrors to appear in shops, then I wouldn't have to ask anyone else if whatever I'm trying fits me well at the back. Maybe it's because I then wouldn;t buy stuff that doesn;t fit well in the first place that they have';t been seen in the wild (well, not places I've been, anyway) yet?

    As for the bra, I like the idea of one that could cool me when I'm a bit warm, but not sure a CPU would be needed, just one of those wossnames, you know the ones I mean, the 'shove leccy round 'em and they shift heat from A to B' doodads. Peltier coolers, that's them! That and a switch. Even better if it could run off body heat (use the heat to generate leccy to shift the heat...) , but I've no idea if that'd be doable or not, but I'm guessing not.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Should have gone to Specsavers

      Specsavers had "digital mirrors" in them when I went in last year. A tablet showing a camera display with a big button to pause the image for 30s or so. Rather handy for me, as being short-sighted makes trying on new spectacle frames a mite tricky.

      Didn't do any clever colour-changes or whatnot, but really jolly useful.

    2. Captain DaFt

      There are already sports bras (for that matter, underwear for both sexes), that use silver impregnated threads to wick heat and moisture away from the body.

      This device just smacks of IOT being applied more intimately.

      /snark Next up, an app that lets you monitor your body's activity and stress while jogging, because an app is waaay better than listening to your own body./snark

  9. James Pickett

    You'd think a digital mirror would provide the perfect opportunity to show an image that wasn't laterally inverted, so the user could see themselves as everyone else sees them. No?

  10. Graham Marsden

    The MemoryMirror

    "She'd seen a trick fitted for a suit once, a guy who took her to a Holiday Inn. The suit place was off the hotel lobby, and he stood in there in his underwear, crosshatched with lines of blue light, and watched himself on three big screens. On the screens, you couldn't see the blue lines, because he was wearing a different suit in each image. And Mona had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing, because the system had a cosmetic program that made him look different on the screens, stretched his face a little and made his chin stronger, and he didn't seem to notice."

    - William Gibson - Mona Lisa Overdrive (1988)

  11. Suricou Raven


    A processor?

    You could make that thing on two op-amps and a flip-flop.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sports Bra Exploit

    Hackers have gained remote access to Intel's Sports Bra. Exploit causes flaps to open and causes remote venting. In extreme cases, they are left hanging in the breeze. Intel is working on a patch to the protests of men every where. Admins say they will refuse to patch. :-)

  13. Brian Souder 1

    i7 - eh - This is all that comes to mind

  14. Ben79

    Does it contain a couple of fans and ship with a tube of thermal paste?

  15. T. F. M. Reader

    Intel Inside?

    Won't that mean constant overheating? Won't those vents just stay wide open all the time?

  16. Number6

    The new 42-D CPU

    This will introduce Intel's new numbering scheme which gives the CPU speed with a couple of digits and then one or more letters to indicate the cache mammarymemory size.

  17. Julian 8

    BRAM - boob RAM

    Coming to a car near you soon - Auto infating bra to protect vital assets.

    no comments from the maker on there being an apps being released for Android or Appl to allow the wearer to take advantage of this device in a bar / nightclub

  18. dowdinsk

    is this what they meant by the Internet Of Thongs?

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