back to article Modernise and prosper: It's time to imbibe server orchestration

Server farm deployment used to be a simple enough process. Sometimes it was manual, sometimes it was automated. The odd shell script here or there, or some basic file manipulation was the order of the day along with PXE and other automation tools. It was workable at best. As virtualisation technology matured, so did the …

  1. John Sanders


    """This is partly why vendors such as **VMware** are gobbling up companies such as **DigitalFuel**, to incorporate accurate costings for the virtual machine costs based on real-world hardware costs and overheads. **This is especially useful in a chargeback model**."""

    Ah so this is why we got this turd sandwich article on a Friday.

    Clap, clap, clap, clap.

  2. teebie

    Poorly done

    The language of the article was so obfuscated I couldn't even (*) tell what the churnalist was trying to sell

    (*) the 'be bothered to' is silent


    If VMware were smart..

    They would buy someone who knows what they are doing, like say, as VMwares product in this space is waaaayyy too complicated.

    And everyone but VMware seems to know this.

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