back to article Iranian hackers ease off on US after friendly nuke chats, says NSA

Cyber-attacks against the US by Iranian hackers have eased noticeably since the countries' landmark nuclear weapons accord, National Security Agency director Michael Rogers has said. Speaking at a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Thursday, the Wall Street Journal [paywall] reported him saying there had been “significant …

  1. Daniel B.


    So it seems the Iran deal is indeed working. Just don't tell Republicans that. They're too busy bashing Obama.

    1. Dan Paul

      Re: Interesting Lies

      Lets be clear, anything that is being said about Iran is at best only rumor and conjecture; and the DOD is undergoing a literal revolt by over 50 of it's "analysts" who are stating that their upper level people are "sanitizing" and changing their reports to make it appear better than it really is. This supposed "deal" hasn't even passed yet. The Iran "deal" is only good for Iran but then we wouldn't know what's in it because they hide in secrecy.

      Since Obama has lied about every piece of legislation he has touched, I at least; am disinclined to believe anything he ever says again. His appointees have polluted the integrity of every office they have infected. The DOD is covering up the administrations failures in the middle east, the Justice Department and FBI are no better than they were back in the McCarthy era, the IRS is the political enforcement arm of the Obama Mafia now,

      Mark my words, when Iran attacks Israel it will mean a war that will make WWI and WWII look like a walk in the park and no country will emerge unscathed. If you think there is a refugee problem now, just wait.

      1. silent_count

        Re: Interesting Lies

        "Mark my words, when Iran attacks Israel it will mean a war that will [...]“

        Imagine, for a moment, that you're running Iran and contemplating an all out military assault on Israel. Given that Israel is known to have a nuclear arsenal, is a 'win' possible? And what would it look like?

        I've met a few Iranians and not a single one is the kind of bucolic idiot who thinks a nuclear war ends well. I'll concede that it could be a case of selection bias - as in, the smart ones have skipped the country and left the nutters to run the show back home.

      2. DocJames

        Re: Interesting Lies

        Let's be clear: poor spelling and grammar is unacceptable round here.

        Let's, rumour*, metaphorical, its, use of a semicolon rather than a comma (although I am a fan of the semicolon it shouldn't be misused) - and that's just the first sentence!

        * I may let you off the missing u in rumour; Webster has a lot to answer for but I don't think we can hold it against everyone who was misled by their education.

        In the rest of the world, the deal is going ahead. Europe are ready to trade. Iranians are ready to trade, and fed up of their all-encompassing government/religious leadership. Trade makes the world A Better Place - in particular if you're Iranian. War doesn't, again particularly if you're Iranian.

        Those still engaged in the cold war or theistic crap will be left behind, sorry. Or have I just fallen victim to Poe's law?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The only good

    ...hacker is a very dead hacker.

  3. Crazy Operations Guy

    Or that is just what they want you to think

    Maybe its some other country that was carrying out the attacks but tapered off in order to implicate Iran. Or maybe the attackers have just found a much more subtle attack method, or succeeded in getting some kind of APT into some secure networks and no longer need to perform direct attacks.




  4. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Should we believe?

    <shrugs shoulders> Who the hell knows except the parties privy to the info. For the rest of us it's either "smoke and mirrors" or "bread and circuses". I do believe that some "attacks" inside the US have probably come from the NSA if they're as good as we (and the rest of the world) seem to think they are.

    In IT, we're the grunts down in the trenches anyway without clear insight as to the moves and hacks by the major players. All we can do is try to keep our employer's data secure, hope for the best, and wait for the shelling to stop.

    1. The humble print monkey

      Re: Should we believe?

      That the generals have thanks

      As the other ranks

      Held back the enemy tanks for a while

      And the Anzio bridge head was held for the sake

      Of a few hundred ordinary lives.

      Something in a recent BOFH about friendly fire.

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