back to article EU digi bloke: Come ON Europe, you're not TRYING ENOUGH

The EU’s digi-veep says European industry has been too slow in making use of mobile tech, social media, cloud and Big Data. Speaking at the Bruegel Institute in Monday, Andrus Ansip said that less than two per cent of EU companies make full use of such technologies and “about 40 per cent do not use any at all.” Some of that …

  1. Your alien overlord - fear me

    So, left hand bitch-slaps Google,Amazon et al for their dominance (tax dodging etc) then the right hand (the digi guy) says, hey, give them money. And your data which you then lose control over.

    Politics hurts brain.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Your comment hurts my brain.

  2. Charles Manning

    Show us the value

    Telling people to use stuff is bullshit. People will automatically want to use stuff if it has value to them.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Show us the value

      I guess that's why there are no unwanted pregnancies or STDs, because people always make rational choices.

    2. Cardinal

      Re: Show us the value

      Bureaucrat makes noise to prove own existence.

      ”I speak, therefore I am." - (worth my huge salary!)

  3. Crazy Operations Guy

    " about 40 per cent do not use any at all."

    So only 40% of European companies have an intelligent CTO? Sounds about right...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: " about 40 per cent do not use any at all."

      Hear. Hear.

      Until the EU can guarantee that anything put 'in the cloud' will not be slurped up by the likes of the NSA, US courts and their ilk there is no valid reason for using the cloud.

  4. Rol

    The problem with the IT industry is that it runs rampant with new cutting edge technology without any consideration for security.

    Even platforms that have shown themselves to be pretty robust, are only one new feature away from total disaster and that sword is dangled constantly over the entire industry, because that industry thrives on new features being ploughed into the market at every turn.

    Is it any wonder then that a deep mistrust has been allowed to fester and grow, when every other news article reveals more and more totally avoidable cockups.

    Governing bodies are either toothless or unrepresentative, if a governing body exists at all.

    No. If the 40% of neigh sayers are ever to be enticed into the digital realm, then the cowboy days must come to an end, however, not to be monopolised by today's train baron equivalents.

    Perhaps a two tier system, one that is accountable, resilient and quite mundane, for those who prefer consistency and reliability and the other, for the feckless masses, that couldn't give a shit so long as they get it in lots of swirly colours.

  5. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "mobile tech, social media, cloud and Big Data"

    I am part of an IT outfit. We do code and consulting. We use mobile tech for email and rapid communication, like everybody else. But how exactly are we supposed to use "social media" ?

    Tweet every morning that we're getting to work ? Post my latest code snippit on that "wall" thingy ? Tell everyone (well, 2 people) how this project sucks on Google+ ?

    Social media is for socializing (well, showing off or getting attention, really), not for business.

    Businesses have websites of their own. They don't need "social media", unless they're in the business of social stuff (like party planning or travel).

    And as for Big Data, well you've gotta be Big to need that, and the big companies are already on that bandwagon.

    Stupid remark.

  6. Fraggle850

    Social media for business

    Having recently become self employed and duly set up a website to promote my offering I have to say that when researching SEO tactics I came to the conclusion that essentially I was expected to spend time generating content purely to play the rankings game. I'm not sure of the value of this in a B2B market and haven't bothered.

    We could all waste time/money putting our own spin on the latest hot topic to contribute to the echo chamber that is social media but what is the likely ROI? I had a brief dalliance with LinkedIn but the average level of comment and the quality of much of the content is questionable so I've ignored it.

    Social undoubtely has a place in some B2C situations but even then you might do as well just using the platforms' paid, targeted adverts.

  7. Kevin Johnston

    Incorrect title

    I have to dispute your title here. Europe IS trying, in fact it is very very trying

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