Slow handclap for Google mail!

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  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    Slow handclap for Google mail!

    New "feature" today.

    Fire up gmail app on Android to find that one of the mails is adorned with a banner saying; "Be careful with this message, it contains content usually used to steal your identity.".

    1) It doesn't.

    2) It's something I subscribe to and get a couple a day, so even the most half-arsed algorithm should spot history here.

    To pile injury upon insult, all the links are disabled in the message and there's sod all that can be done about this. Here we have the first slow handclap moment.

    Fire up Chrome on Android and waffle off to It's there in the Inbox as in the app. However, on switching to Desktop view, it now has an "ignore" link and a "tell me more" link. Slow handclap moment number 2.

    Click the "ignore" link. Nothing. Ditto the help link. Neither of the fucking links fucking works in fucking mobile Chrome!!! (I had to leave behind slow handclaps and move into vituperation for this one as I suffered a massive sense of humour failure at this point.)

    Over to the desktop, fire up Win 10 and MS Edge. All works there and we're back to slow handclaps again. Click "ignore" and normal service is resumed........until next time.

    Note in here that if one were somewhere without access to a "real" computer, one would be totally screwed by this useless POS that generates more false positives than a Chinese battery factory.

    If anyone at Google's reading this, the pillock who came up with this one needs to be sacked. Now. As does the pillock who allowed it to be deployed without proper testing......

  2. Barry Rueger
    Paris Hilton

    Ah Google....

    A "feature" that was obviously coded by the same genius that decided that no Android user should be allowed to send more than handful of text messages each day.

    I honestly don't know what the people at Google HQ are doing, but they really need to get out of the chocolate factory and into the Real world once in a while.

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