back to article Work has started on VMware's secret security disruptor

Late in 2014, VMware's network virtualisation guru Martin Casado suggested that his next move after getting network virtualisation up and running as a business might be to try a new approach to enterprise security. Casado, who is credited with inventing OpenFlow and led Nicira, the company that morphed into VMware's NSX …

  1. LDS Silver badge

    Oddity? Labour intensive?

    Or just laziness? The technology to automate network encryption has been available for years, and, really, VMWare can do its own encryption, just not everything runs inside or upon VMWare products.

    1. thondwe

      Re: Oddity? Labour intensive?

      IPSEC's been around for ages, and I think you can do loads with it in a pure MS environment - but does anyone actually use it?? Probably because the Comms guys lose visibility/control - ACLs become useless...

    2. Big Ed

      Re: Oddity? Labour intensive?

      I think the point is that in Data Center Encryption is lacking in the following areas:

      1. As data traverses the SAN from the array

      2. As data traverses the LAN from the array

      3. As data traverses from server image to server image

      4. As data traverses from process to process

      5. As data is temporarily stored in persistent queues

  2. Ragequit


    I can only think this is a "solution" to increase VMWare buy-in as creating an OS and Application agnoistic Encrypt-all-the-things special sauce would probably just entail creating VPN tunnels between VM's managed by VMware? Unless it isn't agnostic and that would be a bloody mess.

    Nothing can go wrong...

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