back to article Malvertising attack menaces users with tainted love

Security researchers have uncovered a malvertising attack run over ad networks and aimed at users of dating site The tainted ads are mainly targeting UK users, security firm Malwarebytes warns.'s servers themselves have not been breached. The latest attack follows a similar assault against Match's sister …

  1. captain veg Silver badge

    ad server model broken

    This is one of the reasons why I block ads. Visiting a web page is a transaction of trust. The contract is completely broken when some third party is allowed to insert random content into the page, especially when it is paid for.

    In print, the media owner inserts the advertising content itself, having first checked that it is suitable and appropriate. Why must online be different?


    1. Camilla Smythe

      Re: ad server model broken

      Fookin Dimbulb. No wonder you are called Captain Veg.

      If they had to check things then that would suggest they have a clue in the first place and would make them responsible if something goes wrong. Both action and consequence is going to cost them money and that means less profit for the Advertising Lovvies to stuff in their back pockets Improve Your Browsing Experience.

      Shit on a stick.

      If the collateral damage incurs less damage to the bottom line than doing something about it does then you can go swivel... Oh and don't forget that installing AdBlock/Ghostery/Privacy Badger/Better Privacy and all of your other shitty plug ins completely destroys the Internet Ecosystem as does Network Neutrality along your other veggie perception about life.

      Fucking Luddites. Eat a Bacon Sandwich and Get With The Picture.

      This message brought to you by Global Mega Advertising Corp in Conjunction with .GOV. In a recent survey 98% of several people bunged a brown envelope said that they love us. You should get over your pitiful selves and do the same and/or buy some shares.

      Insert Icon as Appropriate.

      Don't forget to Like Us by clicking the 'Like Button'. We are working on coding the 'Don't Like Button' but our coders are full steam ahead on obfuscating their JavaShit in order to save you bandwidth by compressing 100MB per ad code down to 10MB per ad code... plus the 80MB auto-play bit. They also appear to be averse to the high voltage probes extreme negativity associated with 'not liking' things.

      Hey.. We Care. Perhaps you should as well. Feeling guilty yet?

      1. Alistair

        Re: ad server model broken

        Camilla, I think I need a shower after that......

        1. Camilla Smythe

          Re: ad server model broken

          Don't wash your Dingle-Berries off. We won't be able to recommend you a better TV to buy compared to the one we just recommended you to buy, even though you ignored our advice and bought something else, if you do. Anyway we'll just re-install them. Cough, enjoy the Nivea Man Cream from the Wife.

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