back to article Mad Max: High-octane dystopian desert demolition derby

Having watched Mad Max: Fury Road I’ve been gagging to get my hands on my Magnum Opus car in the new Mad Max game. Up until the game’s release, all I have had to entertain myself has been news of the controversially rapey Furiosa comic and, joy of joys, a baking friend’s discovery for instant War Boy: silver spray icing. Lucy …

  1. caffeine addict

    I know we don't get much of a feel for gameplay in an article with static images, but my initial thought was "Grand Theft Horse (aka Red Dead Redemption) with cars in it..."

    I should probably go read the article to find out if it's linear or massive sandbox, but the boss just walked back in... :)

    1. Rol

      I'm thinking Fallout 3 with a retro 50's throwback Caddy suitably equipped with Gatling Lasers and a handy trunk full of death dealing weaponry and moonshine.

    2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      the boss just walked back in

      And you didn't fight him?

    3. Chelios

      It's an open world game, you're not far off with your comparison. Or maybe Far Cry Batman Mad Max.

  2. badger31


    "never mind those console n00bs, my Overclockers Infinity Vesuvius 4K rig ..."

    If you bought your gaming rig, then you are just a more affluent n00b. Building it yourself is the best bit about owning a gaming PC.

    1. Matt 4

      Re: n00bs?

      Only if you like building machines. If you just like playing games with no interest in building machines beyond "I want at least xxxfps on modern games" then it's perfectly fine to buy one that gives you the performance you want.

      1. Dabooka

        Re:Console n00bs?

        I get so sick of hearing this. Even though I'm sure it's meant in jest, it's simply just boring and immature.

        Like many on here, once upon a long, long time ago, build and upgrade my PCs but life has taken over. Aside from a lack of time I simply don't have the room for a 'gaming rig' with 4k graphics when all I need is a quick blast, as now my house is full of Thomas the Tank Engines. Sometimes a console is just fine and in many ways superior (not in technological terms, but logistically) to a full spec PC.

        I'm sure when it's not simply Lucy's job and raison d'etre, she'll appreciate there is indeed more to life than 4k gaming, which is fine for those that want it but simply overkill for those with other distractions.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Re:Console n00bs?

          build a 'Thomas' track out in the garden and you can play 'Train Wreck'. no computers needed!

          Mind you my 5in Gauge Steamer would go bang in a pretty big way.

        2. Alien8n

          Re: Re:Console n00bs?

          For the techies amongst us building is fine, but I would have bought my daughter's new PC if I could have found it at the spec I wanted and cheaper than what it cost to build it. Not an easy thing to do given the MSI Godlike motherboard and GTX 980Ti graphics card. Total overkill for a gaming rig, but this was a custom built rig designed for games development and has to last through college and then University.

        3. John Sanders

          Re: Re:Console n00bs?

          My children will be very disappointed if daddy doesn't make the PC faster to play new games at decent speeds.

          Plus some education with emulators, several collections of old PS1/PS2 games we can not play anymore , plus lots of drawing software has made them aware of how wonderful the PC platform is.

          Not to mention of course the crown jewel "Steam" and its summer sales.

          My little one asked once in wonder if people didn't know about all you can do with a PC.

          1. Alien8n

            Re: Re:Console n00bs?

            John, should try some of the GOG sales...

          2. Dabooka

            Re: Re:Console n00bs?

            Got G gauge in the garden (how much?!), but still no spare TIME to justify the cost of a full on gaming rig. When he's older, you're right, I may need to learn about these new fangled 'multi-core processors' and memory modules not measure in KB, but for now a console is fine. :-)

            Using a console is derided far too much, especially as they are multi use, it's not enough to say they're not as good as some PCs.

        4. Amorous Cowherder

          Re: Re:Console n00bs?

          Used to be the same but the other factor to consider is that when children do come along, the young ones have patience that can be measured in nano-seconds and it's simply easier to just vacate the TV and let them have at it with whatever console they want to use, be it either Mum's Nintendo or the XBOX. They can then let me bugger up my PC with whatever I'm messing about with, without the cries of "Dad, can you install XYZ (*) so I can play it?", which will involve 45 mins work to get running.

          ( * Kids love retro games, my daughter used to absolutely love playing PuttPutt games on the SCUMM interpreter and they're from the early 90's! Learned to make lots of notes/backups on how to use the SCUMMVM "emulator". Either that or she'd want to play some naff 1994 Windows95 Barbie game that would involved 20 mins tinkering with compat settings or setting up a VM. Bloody kids! )

          1. Alien8n

            Re: Re:Console n00bs?

            If you buy the retro games pack for the Xbox One you get a load of classic old ZX Spectrum games. Atic Atac is still just as difficult even now... :)

      2. CaptainBanjax

        Re: n00bs?

        Yes. Its called buying a console.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "You can run, but you can't hide!"

    If just one of the characters in this game says that, then i'm buying it:)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "He’s also my Captain Ahab – a dab hand with the Thunderpoon."

    If he's a harpooner shouldn't that make him Queequeg instead?

  5. Bunker_Monkey

    Barter-town featured anywhere?

  6. nedge2k

    er...where the hell is this £13 on PC?

    1. <spez>
      Thumb Up

      that's the price i picked it up from CDKeys via pre-purchase paypal, sell your soul kinda deal.

      a good deal yes but a gamble after that last WB release.

  7. AegisPrime

    "After losing his iconic and beloved car The Interceptor, Mad Max spends the rest of the game creating a next-level ride, The Magnum Opus."

    Weird - 'cause the car pictured in the screenshots looks just like the Interceptor (albeit with jacked-up suspension) - I know there's other pre-order/DLC cars but I'm glad they stuck with the Ford Falcon :)

  8. Fibbles

    Must everything be a femenist statement these days?

    Can't we just enjoy the new Mad Max game for what it is - cars and crazy Aussies - rather than complaining that he doesn't have a pair of tits?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Must everything be a femenist statement these days?

      I wonder what the feminists will make of this one?

    2. fajensen
      Paris Hilton

      Re: Must everything be a femenist statement these days?

      I grew up in the 1980's. In the 1980's *every* *single* *thing* on TV had at least some tits in it, Hammer Horrors additionally had a gratuitous show of muff once in a while - *even* the weather forecast had tits.

      Mad Max is 1980's nostalgia - but - it doesn't work unless there is tits in it. I want Tits!!

    3. Francis Boyle

      Re: Must everything be a femenist statement these days?

      Coming from the land downunde,r as I do, I can assure you, that if it's crazy Aussies you want, you'd be mad to leave out the women.

      And yes that's a "femenist" statement.

  9. Daniel Hall
    Thumb Up

    This is...

    Interstate 76 reborn!

  10. Kimo

    Steam Summer Sale 2016!

  11. Robert Jenkins

    RAGE remake?

    Post apocalypse survival - Bandits - Weapons - Cars/combat/racing - Desert settings..

    A RAGE clone (or at least inspired) , by the look of it.

    The Reg gave that 80%, arguably a better score as well...

    1. Phil55494

      Re: RAGE remake?

      I prefer to think it as a computerised remake of Car Wars from Steve Jackson Games

      Where's the Grey Beard icon for the gnarled old keyboard warriors?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Up

        Re: RAGE remake?

        Yesterday morning (PST) I was trying to recall the name of the C= 64 game was based upon Car Wars. Autoduel. My room mate had it. My favorite card had flamethrowers each side and rear and a TOW missile front. I wonder...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cool, I'll fire up my ebay 10 quid 360 that I rescued from rrod with my chef's blowlamp trick. No wait, they cancelled the 360 version because theyre not the latest shiny. Ok I'll use the also rescued ps3, *bbbbbbzzzztt* wrong answer...

    As for console noobs, er, I find gaming on a console much simpler after years of being on the upgrade train, pc's with enough fans to achieve hovercraft lift, random green water running about to buried empty gas bottles filled with water buried outside as heatsinks yadayadayada. Being on a console just means I am off doing more interesting things stuff with computers that some gamer might not have got to learning about yet (or ever will).

    It seems I need a new shiny again now however. Or I'll go for a play on my supercharged bike instead because its more fun and looks like a extra out of the original, while waiting for the latest round of hardware to become cheap enough to be worth buying.

    I quite liked the film as it goes, much better than chunderzone.

    1. Teiwaz

      Console noobs?

      I started and stopped Pc gaming in the 90's in favour of consoles. Again, too much hassle at the time as every new game to come out seemed to need an accompanying hardware upgrade, switched to consoles, better than PCs for some things, worse for others, swings and roundabouts really.

      The current crop of consoles don't interest me, too expensive, may as well buy a PC for the price, and I just don't have time or inclination to game as much as I did.

      1. Joey M0usepad Silver badge

        Re: Console noobs?

        the problem with consoles - no mouse.

        complete showstopper

        makes any fps (or 3rdps) unplayable

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So, how about a review of Metal Gear?

    It's big at the local appliance shop...

  14. Vince Lewis 1

    No-one else going to point it out

    The main protagonist in Alien Isolation is Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley's daughter. You do get to play Ellen in the DLC though.

  15. Dwarf

    Crash ?

    Is that Crash Bandicoot in the back of the car on the first picture ?

    What's he got to do with Max Max, or is this some form of blended film / computer game thing ?

  16. Medixstiff

    As one of the guys at work said "Purple Nasty sounds like an STD"

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