back to article The enterprise hardware market is growing. You read that right. Growing

The enterprise hardware market is growing. You read that right, growing. So says abacus-wielder IDC which this week emitted new Worldwide Quarterly Trackers for servers, ethernet switches and routers. The overall server market, the firm says, was up by 6.1 per cent for 2015's second quarter compared to the same period in 2014 …

  1. Tim 11

    This is heresy

    How dare you print this heretical and blasphemous crap. Repeat after me, "cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud", and don't stop until you believe it.

  2. 404

    If you can't access your data when the internet connection is down

    It's not your data.


  3. batfastad

    Hello darkness my old friend

    Ah yes, the default HTML 4 table styling, how I have missed thee!

    1. Missing Semicolon

      Re: Hello darkness my old friend

      It seems that <table>...</table> still works, unlike {a href=""}...{/a} *

      Amazing isn't it? It magically scales to fit the content, irrespective of the font used. If you don't like how the table looks, you could restyle it. If you copy/paste it, it will paste into a document as a table.

      All this, and not a line of JavaScript! How does that happen?

      * Some time in the late 90's, the {a href=""} tag stopped working. Web designers were forced (forced, I say!) to emulate it with Javascript onClick= handlers. Implemented by third-party servers. Grrr!

  4. Vic


    Some of those sentences even parsed correctly...


  5. jake Silver badge

    One word:


    No corporation with any concept of security wants anything to do with "cloud".

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