back to article Acer honourary chairman Shih would 'welcome' takeover bid

Stan Shih, the man who founded Acer and returned to rescue the business when it fell on hard times, would be receptive to a takeover bid but – despite its continued troubles – warned it won’t be sold on the cheap. The Taiwanese PC-maker’s honorary chairman told local press that he would “welcome” such a move, as Reuters …

  1. ben_myers

    Shih has lots of pride

    Shih wants to leave Acer behind on a positive note, and not see it wither away to nothing. Unfortunately, it's difficult to imagine why a buyer would want to buy the hodge-podge of Acer, Gateway and eMachines brands and product lines cobbled together by Acer to grow market share. There's not a lot of design quality in the Acer builds. They are not especially stylish, and certainly not innovative. All I can see is someone buying it all for $US 1.00 per share, selling off all assets (finished goods and parts), and closing the doors. And maybe $1/share is even too much. I've got it! Sell it to me lock stock and barrel for $1 total, and I'll make sense out the remains, making a few bucks, too.

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