back to article The container-cloud myth: We're not in Legoland anymore

Everything is being decoupled, disaggregated and deconstructed. Cloud computing is breaking apart our notions of desktop and server, mobile is decoupling the accepted concept of wired technology, and virtualisation is deconstructing our understanding of what a network was supposed to be. Inside this maelstrom of disconnection …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    someone show this article to my senior management team

    they are a little behind...

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Re: someone show this article to my senior management team

      They believe complexity disappearsstate space magically reduces to the one little hypercube you desire to inhabit using $FRESH_THING_ILLUSTRATED_VIA_SHUTTERSTOCK_PICS?

      Bring out the Gimp!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Just had a look at their website - unfortunately the buzzword bingo alarm has melted. Good god.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nothing has changed. The 7 layer OSI model still holds (fairly well). If those layers chat, you stand a chance, if they don't, it's going to be hard work. Surprising for some we've had networked computers sharing jobs for decades. This is more of the same.

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Sorry, dude. We are all at level 7+ here. And its infinite recursive gyrations. A City of Saints and Madmen, indeed.

  4. Cloud, what..... Sorry... Um... - you just made that up.

    Good Stuff

    A cloud articule that wasnt all cool aid!

  5. razorfishsl

    It's WAY more complex.....

    You better be able to control every hop on your connection between points or the whole thing can go tits up.

    Cloud In Hong Kong.... Factory in China... no ploblem.. distance != routing path...

    Get it wrong and your traffic goes to the USA backbone from China then back to Hong Kong.

    Worse... you have multiple offices..... in different countries, be prepared to pay 'extra' to get your resources linked together the way you like....

    Office 365 data center in China, 500+ 365 accounts in China... no sorry your traffic actually makes a round trip to the USA.... for that warm NSA touchy feely shit.

    1. L SJ Herbert

      More complex?

  6. P. Lee

    Is someone really admitting this?

    Cloud is a bit like having all your GOSUBs running across a network?

    You have to rewrite all your apps to take advantage of it?

    Don't get me wrong, it works really well for people like Netflix - geo-distribution of data where data security is not important and scaling is. However, I don't see many non-web2.0 companies where random scaling is important - certainly not important enough to rewrite your apps. By the time you've rewritten your apps for ultimate flexibility and reuse, you could have done something a lot cheaper and less brittle.

  7. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "networked via that thing we call the internet. So it should all connect together naturally"

    What ? Why ?

    The only "natural" connection on the Internet is the cable (or wifi) that links you to it. Anything else is a matter of standards, and standards are interpreted which is why browsers don't necessarily render exactly the same way.

    Infering that because it's on the Internet therefor it should connect naturally seems a bit easy to me, especially for business applications which, if I'm not mistaken, rarely use HTML to transfer data.

    1. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

      Re: "networked via that thing we call the internet. So it should all connect together naturally"

      HTML is for the WWW, which is not synonymous with the Internet. TCP/IP seems to be well standardised.

  8. Tebe155

    Another excellent article. Don't entirely agree that PaaS sits on top of containers. Not always anyway. Cloud Foundry for example works well with micro services in its own right, and can be used independently of containers.

    But containers are going to take over. Well for the most part. For most modern 3rd platform apps anyway. We really gonna see traditional platform 2 monolithic apps in containers? I don't think so. All structured data, needs rows, tables, hierarchy etc. Pretty sure that stuff will stay on traditional infrastructure

  9. tim 13

    The success of Lego is down to its quality of manufacture, rather than its interlocking design (which was 'borrowed' from a previous toy and is used by many competitors).

  10. palladin9479

    Ahh "the cloud" which is just an euphemism for "outsourcing" and downsizing your IT department. There is nothing magical about "the cloud", no mysterious savings from some mystic on the mountain. All the same problems that plagued traditional IT will apply to IT run remotely by faceless unnamed systems engineers / administrators on unseen servers and kit.

    Someone once tried to tell me they had a "private cloud" running at their house. I looked at him and replied "so you have a home application server" to which he vehemently denied as though I had told him he wasn't cool.

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