back to article Telstra News spews banking trojan after malvertising attack

Australia's dominant telco, Telstra, has been serving one of the world's most dangerous hacking tools after its news site was infected with malvertising. Malwarebytes researcher Jerome Segura says the attackers were likely dropping the Tinba trojan, considered to be the world's smallest malware by file size at about 20kb and …

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  2. Mark Simon

    This is what you get …

    … when you give away control of your own content. It’s not the first time an advertising network has been hijacked to nefarious ends and an organisation desperate for additional revenue (Telstra?) is open to the weakness inherent in indiscriminately accepting third party content.

  3. druck Silver badge

    Flash - uninstall it.

    Advertising - block it.

    Website not making any money - tough they only have themselves to blame for allowing unvetted third party content.

    Telstra is supposed to be a telecoms company, so how about just providing telecoms related content on their website, and not trying to make an extra few AU$ through irrelevant and unwanted advertising.

  4. Adam 1

    doesn't cut it

    > Not Teltra's (sic) fault, but not a good look for the Big T either

    I wasn't aware that Telstra were under duress to include unvetted third party resources?

    You can complain that you are not responsible for the content of third party resources you load in your website.

    You can complain that people run adblockers.

    What you can't do is both.

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