back to article NBN cost blows out by at least AU$10bn and FTTN isn't launched yet

Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull has presented a cost overrun greater than AU$10 billion in the National Broadband nNetwork's (NBN's) peak funding requirements as a win because the former government's plan would have been worse. “The project we inherited from the Labor party in 2013 had failed,” he said, discussing the …

  1. Winkypop Silver badge

    Tir na nOg

    A mythical creature, just like the NBN.

    Still, I'd back the flying horse over Malcolm's shit-fest.

  2. DanielR

    The man has absolutely no credibility whatsoever and has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

    What they do have an idea about is under estimating their costs to take to an election of course !

    They won't deliver, they blasted all their money on the HFC buy back, they will need billions to setup new infrastructure to accomodate deprecated assets, there will be no money left for Docsis 3.1 or Gfast which they said from the start it would be a future upgrade. Which will never happen because they will be kicked out by then.

    They will be kicked out and we will get fibre again.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "They will be kicked out and we will get fibre again."

      Oh be still my heart!

      If only this were guaranteed.

  3. Neoc

    "“The project we inherited from the Labor party in 2013 AND THEN F*CKED AROUND WITH had failed,”"


    1. Term

      "...and that's why we can have a $10B blow out and it's still Labor's fault, not ours"

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Don't forget that nearly $1B was due to this.

        1. Fluffy Bunny

          Ahem, $700,000

          Not $700,000,000

  4. earplugs

    Just add an Australia tax on broadband

    The punters are good for , say, $2000 a head for bit-twiddling?

  5. Jason Ozolins

    As someone who was in a rural area from 2000-2015, was never able to get ADSL on the oversubscribed, overlong, incredibly unreliable Telstra copper, and had a choice of exactly one semi-affordable terrestrial wireless ISP with its own nightmarish traffic engineering (8000ms pings!) and reliability problems, I'll just say that this government's reinstatement of Telstra copper as the key infrastructure in the NBN is incredibly galling.

    Telstra took a pile of government funding to upgrade an area some 40km south of Canberra to ADSL... except for the premises where it didn't... and now that the area's exchange's DSLAM capacity is fully subscribed, the backhaul from the local exchange is so contended as to make ADSL seem like dialup in the evenings. Good one, guys. Best Telstra could manage last year was to send out someone from BigPond to attend a community meeting, who just repeated the mantra that due to structural separation, she had no control over any of the capacity and reliability related complaints that the residents had about the wholesale DSL service that BigPond resold. Basically she just smiled and nodded and made excuses. Hilarious. Meanwhile no competitor ISP had any way to sell any usable services into an area that Telstra Wholesale showed no interest in provisioning adequately.

    Australia had a chance to finally structurally separate Telstra by changing the infrastructure base. Instead, the same old mystery midden of copper cabling, and Telstra's contract to maintain it, will be with us for decades. What a debacle. Oh well... since early 2015 I've been living in a suburb with NBN FTTP, getting a 100Mbit service. The difference from what I've had for the past 15 years is frankly incredible.

    1. Fluffy Bunny

      You appear to have forgotten that the previous (Liberal) government had already written a contract for Telstra to upgrade rural communications so that you would have your broadband. If Labor hadn't torn it up, you would have had it well before now.

  6. rtb61

    Here's hoping when Labour get back in, they trot out their Royal Commission and make Telstra and News Corp take back their shitty HFC and pay damages, bankrupt them both and send the conspirators off to jail.

  7. BlackKnight(markb)

    they killed it

    unfortunately the libs have effectively killed off the FTTP solution until there MTM\FTTN solution is built. the sad fact is they've blown so much money changing the solution after the start of implementation that no one will be able to justify the cost of swapping back again.

    At best, for areas that construction has not started, a new labor government may deploy FTTP to those areas. more likley they'll play political football with it for election points as they get to use the LIberals killed the nbn slogans.

    this will now be down to NBN justifying the costs of future upgrades to its primary stake holder in the future. best bet, if you want FTTP build a new home the only way to dodge this debacle.

    1. Fluffy Bunny

      Re: they killed it

      No, Labor killed it. In two ways: creating an obscene monopoly to do a job that could have been done much better with a simple subsidy on ISPs; and by overspeccing the deployment

      The vast majority of the cost to run a connection to the home is in the last mile. That is where the connection is split from a local node into a cable for each residence. Replacing perfectly good copper, which already runs at 24 BPS in most cases, with fiber, and the customer then only buying a 25MBPS service, is a complete waste of money. Instead, Labor decided to deploy a 100MBPS service to everybody, 95% of whom didn't want it. And 100% of whom weren't paying for it.


  8. Fluffy Bunny
    Thumb Up

    Problem with title

    "NBN cost blows out by at least AU$10bn BECAUSE FTTN isn't launched yet"

    There, fixed it for you.

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