back to article NBN Co yet to make a single fibre to the node connection but is eyeing off

nbnTM, the company building Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN), has released its results for FY 2015 and says it has met all of its targets. The company's CEO Bill Morrow today said “the number of premises that can order an NBN service more than doubled from 553,000 premises to 1.2 million”. Of those premises, 486, …

  1. aberglas

    Appreciate Oz coverage

    Just like to say that I appreciate this coverage (from a UK site).

    I want to see a lot more fixed wireless, and generally targeting people that do not have decent broadband now.

    As to the Netflix effect, that will be the same for all ISPs. You only need about 3 megabits in order to watch decent video, and most people already get that on copper. But some people do not, and they should be the priority.

    1. Simon Sharwood, Reg APAC Editor (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Appreciate Oz coverage

      Thanks Abergias. FWIW we actually think of The Reg as a global site, albeit with deep, deep UK roots. There's 2.8 of us in AU and we cover Oz for Oz, but also cover the whole world.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Appreciate Oz coverage

      3Mbits?! Maybe if you're blind! 10-12Mbit is the absolute minimum for decent HD video if you aren't, in fact, blind as a bat.

      1. borkbork

        Re: Appreciate Oz coverage

        My 4Mb/s connection can stream netflix in 720p. The only issue is that nobody else in the house can do anything worthwhile with it at the same time. It's almost like the "X Mb/s is enough..." crowd all live in single person households.

  2. mathew42

    AVC speed is dropping

    From page 28 of FY2015 Annual Report As at 30 June 2015,

    * 18 per cent of nbn’s services used a 100/40 Mbps* wholesale speed tier (30 June 2014: 20 per cent),

    * 42 per cent used a 25/5 Mbps* wholesale speed tier (30 June 2014: 37 per cent)

    * 35 per cent used a 12/1 Mbps* wholesale speed tier (30 June 2014: 38 per cent).

    * The average AVC speed provisioned across all fixed line wholesale service was 35 Mbps, a slight decrease of 1 Mbps from 30 June 2014.


    1. Jasonk

      Re: AVC speed is dropping


      Are you also going to quote that MTM cost is getting closer to the cost of building FTTP with another $15B add to the price tag of MTM

      DO you remember Ziggy commenting about a drop in revenue when they swill start rolling out FTTN. But they cant be right according to you with those percentages they should be delivering the same revenue wouldn't they because a lot more people will be on the 12/1 or 25/5 than predicted.

      1. mathew42

        Re: AVC speed is dropping

        Speeds have dropped over the past 12 months and I expect will continue to drop further as currently only 50% of premises with a service available are connected. I suggest it is reasonable to expect that those wanting 100Mbs (aka early adopters) would have been in the first 50% connected so the remaining 50% will connect at 12 or 25Mbps.

        Your assumption is that Labor's FTTP budget was anywhere close to accurate. Considering in 2007 they started with a $5b budget for FTTN (12Mbps) I doubt it. Money is my main concern.

        The NBN should be about nation building and based on Labor's predictions and the evidence so far both plans are going to have about the same outcome. A few people who want more than 50Mbps will need to move or install fibre but they are a small minority. I guess the equivalence highlights Labor's gross incompetence.

        1. Jasonk

          Re: AVC speed is dropping

          Well the it was $7B but was only going party fund for FTTN and set to deliver an up 12Mbps.

          Again you talk about FOD but why does FOD cost more than delivering FTTP wasn't MTM surprise to make it cheaper.

          Or the fact people on HFC are getting a free upgrade to 109Mbps + speeds for free why are they not paying for that upgrade.

          While you expect people on FTTN that can't get the min 25Mbps to for a service this now $56B dogs breakfast can't deliver.

        2. Medixstiff

          Re: AVC speed is dropping

          "I suggest it is reasonable to expect that those wanting 100Mbs (aka early adopters) would have been in the first 50% connected so the remaining 50% will connect at 12 or 25Mbps."

          You could quite rightly say that perhaps the 100Mbs figure isn't higher is because not enough premises have nbn yet.

  3. Sampler

    I wish they'd just stop talking about it and get it rolled out - I live in Brighton-le-Sands where we're supposed to be NBN ready and...nope, 8mbit ADSL which seems to stammer more with YouTube streaming than the 4mbit ADSL I had in Pyrmont.

  4. asiaseen


    judging by my daughter's experience, NBN's performance and customer relations are two piles of ordure.

  5. Overcharged Aussie

    NBN, what NBN

    Promise after promise, all I know is that every year we look up the NBN site to see that our suburb's expected connection date has blown out another year, until last year when it is just greyed out with no planned dates.

    Maybe they should have just sub-contracted it out to TPG.

    1. mathew42
      Thumb Up

      Re: NBN, what NBN

      I think rather than Labor announcing 1Gbps just prior to the 2010 election in a knee jerk reaction to Google Fibre, they should have approached google.

      We would now be seeing 1/1 Gbps with unlimited quota and the outback could be serviced by Project Loon.

  6. DanielR

    Do the UK have GFast installed already ? You know the scammy noise reduction technology because noise is prevalent to begin with ? If so they found only 1% of users can reach 75mbps. Con job much ?

    I believe all these fancy upgrades for redundant technology is a waste of time and money considering it will not benefit much at all.

    HFC is a problem because Foxtel consumes 60% of the channel bandwidth. They would have to take channel bandwidth back to give us 1gps and that is 1gps "whenever it's available" The whole thing is going to come crashing down when they force people from crappy copper to more expensive cable.

    Fixed wireless so many people I hear complain they can't get connected because they are not in line of sight so a massive hopeless scam. Stop gap measure and an abomination let alone insecure and no doubt noisy too ?

    1. Jasonk


      The real problem with is that it's only good over 200m like VDSL is only good over 1km

  7. Jon B

    NZ ahead for once

    I comment the same thing every nbn article in The Reg, but..

    Glad that in New Zealand we just got on with building FTTP back in 2012, with most urban areas finished by 2019. I'm on the base fibre plan of 30/10 but up to 200/200 is available. About half of those waiting for fibre can get VDSL already thanks to the 'legacy' FTTN network from 2008, those a bit further from the cabinet or exchange have ADSL2+.

    Still the old problems of some smaller settlements on congested backhaul, but 4g rural broadband on 700mhz will help most of those. All schools have a fibre connection too.

  8. JJKing

    What a tosser!

    >Morrow also said that community is looking more kindly on the project, largely as a result of the re-branding exercise that saw NBNCo become nbnTM.

    What makes that idiot think there is more interest just because those money wasting arseholes blow AUD$700,000 changing from NBNCo to nbn. What an exercise in stupidity.

    Morrow = dickwad!

  9. rtb61

    You all missed the single most important issue, Rupe and his buddy got paid billions for a network that was going to be scrapped at a loss and that is all TT (Toxic Tony) cared about, that and of course what ever contribution TT received in turn for Rupe and his corrupt family enterprise (which they seem to be desperately trying to cash out of at the moment with grossly inflated salaries).

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