back to article HP storage results borked by bleeding currency rates

With its latest results, HP's third-quarter storage revenues went down 2 per cent on the annual compare, not being pulled up by industry standard servers' revenue which rose 8 per cent. But at constant currency – ignoring foreign exchange rate changes over the year – they rose 7 per cent. The Enterprise Group's revenues were $ …

  1. luis river


    The "terminator" CEO Whitman has concluded 50.000 work positions in two years, condemning to the hunger to whole families, deserves the scorn.

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  3. PaulCharlton

    You should wonder why analysts feel the need to make excuses for HP.

    • It’s up to HP to mitigate the impact of the currency; if the currency impact was favorable it wouldn’t get a mention.

    • In the past 16 quarters, HP Storage has only shown positive year-over-year growth in three of them, and in those three case growth was 1.0% or less. Was currency also to blame in the past 16 quarters? I think not.

    • With enough negative quarters in tow it eventually becomes possible to start to appear to “outgrow” the competition, but that’s only because HP is “growing” from a very low base.

    • So if HP Storage “appears” to be doing comparatively better than EMC, IBM & NetApp because it outgrew each of them, well that’s the first time that it has happened. Ever. One quarter marginally outgrowing EMC doesn’t make for an eternity under-growing EMC.

    • To put last quarter’s revenue of $784M in its proper context: it’s the 2nd lowest quarter of revenue in the last ten years (the lowest was only the quarter before that) and it’s 20% down from its’ 3Q peak in 2011 of $976M. In contrast, EMC is up 6% over the same period.

    And ask yourself what exactly is it that HP Storage will be able to do after the split that it couldn’t do today?

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