back to article Blue Termite hacker group eating Japanese business from within

Kaspersky researcher Suguru Ishimaru says an advanced threat group is breaking convention and hacking high-end Japanese industries from within the country. The group is popping the kind of targets sophisticated groups prefer, such as government agencies, financial firms, and manufacturing organisations. Ishimaru says the …

  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Yakuza hacking has finally arrived?

    Why is it called Blue Termite?

    Is it a play on the Blue Ant company from the later William Gibson novels? (Pattern recognition and later novels)?

  2. ecofeco Silver badge

    Now this is interesting

    This is very interesting. My instincts say China.

    Could be Yaks, but they already have a lot of control over industry and politics and they really do prefer to remain low key these days.

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