back to article WD storage technology exec defects to rivals Seagate

Matt Rutledge, WD’s now former SVP for storage technology, has defected to Seagate, having left his position at WD in June, and joined Seagate in August to become its SVP for client HDD, said a source familiar with the circumstances. He is a 20-year WD veteran, having joined in November 1995. As such, he has lived thought WD' …

  1. PleebSmash

    the final years

    "to become its SVP for client HDD"

    Shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.

    With TSVs and V-NAND technology, the SSD manufacturers could put out a 256 terabyte 2.5" drive today if they reaaally wanted to (the ~15 TB drive with stacks of 16 dies). It would be $100,000 or more, but it could be done, unlike HDD manufacturers.

    The Platform reported on a prediction that flash arrays will be cheaper than disk arrays in 8-10 years. Swing the HAMR fast or buy an SSD manufacturer.

  2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    Corporate secrets

    The only secret is that spinning rust is dead and I'm not sure that WD execs knew that

  3. Tromos

    I was under the impression...

    ...that the next big thing in data storage was collections of water vapour.

    1. Medixstiff

      Re: I was under the impression...

      There was an article yesterday about storing data on DNA.

      Personally I want my flying car first, traffic is more frustrating, there's way too many dingle-berries on the roads over here.

  4. N13L5

    Since I still use rust for archiving, I'm pretty glad a HGST guy runs WD, no matter who else defects, cause HGST drives are still the most reliable of the bunch with the lowest failure rates.

    Maybe all of WD's drives will improve over time.

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