back to article Billionaire Soros 'likes' Facebook to the tune of $212m; Alibaba out of favour

Billionaire George Soros has slurped up $212m (£135m) of Facebook shares, while simultaneously shedding $365m (£233m) of stock in Chinese giant Alibaba. Last quarter, Soros had just $10.2m (£6.5m) in Facebook shares and $370m (£236m) invested in the Chinese tat bazaar. The shift in stock preferences was revealed in a …

  1. Bleu

    That is interesting

    Soros, the clean trader. Sure, nobody would believe that the fortune he made on, say, the run on the pound was based on inside information.

    It clearly was, but one can claim that it wasn't, because nobody dared to find his source.

    He has been found guilty of clear insider trading otherwise, showing that he has no qualms about it, ergo, he likely does (or did) it whenever he felt he could get away with it, which in practice has been most of the time.

    It is amusing to see him throwing cash to one of the more useful tools in his ugly political activities, as if Faesces or Farce Book needs the money.

    For services rendered and to be rendered?

    1. Your alien overlord - fear me

      Re: That is interesting

      He didn't have inside info, he was the one who forced the collapse. If anyone else made money, they were the ones with inside info (from the Soros camp).

    2. asdf

      Re: That is interesting

      So just like any other whale trader except he has stuck his nose into politics and we know his name?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still waiting for Mr Soros to choke on the £25 Billion he took from this country.

    ERM or not, i've got plenty of patients.

    1. Hollerith 1

      Re: Still waiting for Mr Soros to choke on the £25 Billion he took from this country.

      Your patience will never be rewarded. Soros took the UK Govt for the chumps they were. He didn't have to have insider info: anyone astute enough and with daring enough could have done the deed.

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