back to article Are you a digital leader or a high-maintenance digital dunce?

When it comes to implementing IT effectively, not all companies are equal. Some place a heavy emphasis on business outcomes, and tie deployment strongly to business outcomes. Some merely keep the engines running without really thinking about what they’re doing, or why. Some use IT to innovate and disrupt their businesses, and …

  1. Ken 16

    "batting mobile out of the park"

    I'm not sure what that means, my first interpretation was that they have decided it's not worth pursuing but that doesn't seem to make sense in context. This is a real enquiry not meant sarcastically.

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: "batting mobile out of the park"

      I just drowned in buzzword bingo. Sometimes a chart is better...

    2. BlartVersenwaldIII

      Re: "batting mobile out of the park"

      I'm not fluent in marketing-speke but I'll have a stab at translation:

      Batting = becoming more bat-like = more akin to Batman

      Mobile = Intercloud of Stuff = stuff that can do stuff either hither or yon

      Out of the park = horizontal and vertical elevation = flying around

      Therefore it means Batman uses the Intercloud of Stuff when whizzing about in his Bat-flying-thing (Bat-bat? I didn't see the films), and this is something that everyone can agree just makes Good Business Sense, therefore your company should be more like Batman and your employees should be given jetpacks with an internet connection.

      1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

        Re: "batting mobile out of the park"

        So what you're saying is that companies should be like a monomaniac, emotionally repressed, psychopath with a nice line in S&M clothing and go to very expensive parties. Great! Where do I sign up?

    3. Ken 16
      Paris Hilton

      Re: "batting mobile out of the park"

      I assume, since all the replies are taking the piss out of the phrase, that no one else knows what it means, in terms of the article, either?

  2. Roo

    Season with a pinch of cynicism.

    The raw data for these conclusions is based on a "Survey", so there is a very strong possibility that all it is measuring is the amount of effort that people put into self-promotion and buzzword bingo. Did HP hand out dune cones to the folks who failed to promote themselves properly or buy lots of HP kit ?

  3. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    This article leads me to two conclusions:

    1. Should you be taking advice on how to run your business from HP? How much did they spend on Autonomy again? Also they've not been notably successful at picking CEOs, or mergers, or making consumer tech that isn't horrible or writing printer drivers less than half a gigabyte in size...

    2. Actually HP aren't totally stupid. Their metric of being an IT leader is if you spend more money on HP kit. And everyone wants to be a leader. Those nasty laggards only spend their budget on maintaining what they've already got. So Booooooo to them, I say. Booooo!

    1. Roo

      "Those nasty laggards only spend their budget on maintaining what they've already got. So Booooooo to them, I say. Booooo!"

      Yeah, all those laggardly people using -11s to run nuclear plants should be ashamed of themselves. HP should march in there and replace them with a nice shiny Itanium right now for free to show them what they are missing.

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