back to article Adobe pays US$1.2M plus settlements to end 2013 breach class action

Adobe has paid an undisclosed amount to settle customer claims and faces US$1.2 million in legal fees after its 2013 data breach which compromised the details of 38 million users. The creative content king was served a November 2013 class action lawsuit filed in California in which it is claimed "shoddy" security practises …

  1. Mark 85

    If we could just get a class action suit for Flash and kill that bastard once and for all, it might make things a little better... like security.

  2. PleebSmash

    $6.77 billion in equity

    Oh my, a $1.2 million settlement!

    1. richardcox13

      Re: $6.77 billion in equity

      > Oh my, a $1.2 million settlement!

      Please read the article again.

      $1.2m in /legal fess/. The settlement amount is not disclosed.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My details were taken. Where's my money?

    1. Small Furry Animal

      My details were taken. Where's my money?

      After dividing the compensation by the number of ACs and then subtracting the processing fees, you now owe us $275.60.


      Adobe Beancounters

  4. pogul

    > The company knew its security practices at the time were poor since it used the same encryption key for all passwords.

    So they weren't using salted hashes? What were they using instead? Public key encryption, or symmetric encryption? Where were the keys stored?

    1. Adam 1
  5. All names Taken


    LOL! Were they selling bootlegged n ahar Jim lad - pirated copies of Adobe software to bring in backdoor revenues?

    Not sayin like you know mate just asking like you know guv'nor

    - hick, hack sniff thwack?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Nice to see their warez bite them in the ass, instead of us!!!

    Fuck Adobe! Now if we could just get them jailed as they have people that point out their failings.

  7. Robert Helpmann??

    Blood in the Water

    [Adobe] was served a ... class action lawsuit which it is claimed "shoddy" security practises lead to the breach.

    Just like shooting fish in a barrel, throwing that sueball at Adobe. Perhaps customers can litigate bad software out of existence. Probably not, but I am sure there are some lawyers out there willing to give it a try.

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