back to article HTC shedding 15 per cent of workforce in 'strategic realignment'

Former Taiwanese smartphone titan HTC is to trim 15 per cent of its workforce following a 20 per cent share price tumble this week. The gadget manufacturer's share price dipped so low its market value is now below cash on hand, which has provoked the worker restructuring. In fact, the tumbling price of HTC's shares has " …

  1. thomas k

    It's always the workers

    Yeah, it's always the workers who get the shove, instead of the management who got the company into the pickle because, well, who better to turn things around than the ones who fucked it up.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bye bye HTC

    My last two HTC devices have been piss-poor, so I had already decided to ditch them. Not sure where to go now.

    I feel v sorry for the workers who have turned out what has been asked of them with exceptional quality. Its just the spec of the phones that's rubbish, esp battery and camera.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Bye bye HTC

      I love my 64GB OnePlus One. Picked it up for $260 on eBay. I bet they're even cheaper now that the second generation model is about to drop.

    2. GrumpyOldBloke

      Re: Bye bye HTC

      > esp battery and camera: No it's much more than that, hitting a plateau and dying is a common thread in businesses from populous nations. When you have 100 million people walking past your shop front, repeat business becomes less important than new business. Old Chinese proverb, you can only cut a person once. The lack of updates, bug fixes, concern, migration or support plans for existing customers condemns a business to death in a shallow grave no matter what its past performance may have been. Exhibit A. Sony. Samsung and LG are also on this path. It is the difference between landfill Android and Apple. HTC like many businesses spent too much time worrying about the comfort of their CEO's and insufficient time worrying about their existing customers.

      1. paulf

        Re: Bye bye HTC


        Exactly right

        In the early days people thought HTC Sense WAS Android. If HTC played that early and significant lead correctly they could have owned the Android market. But they majorly messed up because they didn't understand that what happens after the money is in the till WILL have an influence on that person's next purchase.

        I was cut twice by HTC, the second much deeper than the first. Full of bugs, updates that never came, disgraceful support. I swore off them completely at that point and as the general techie support dogsbody person for the family I made sure that everyone who asked me avoided HTC like the plague also. When you look at recent problems of finger prints being stored in unencrypted "clear text" picture files that any dodgy app can access you can see they've learnt nothing from the "apps that collect all user information then report it home" problems they had years ago.

        It's always hardest on the employees who take the fall, and I don't like to see people put out of jobs, but the HTC that exists today will be no loss if it disappears.

  3. se99paj

    Where will I go next?

    Very disappointed to hear about HTC, I know its been on the cards for a while so not really surprised.

    I've been happy with my last 2 HTC phones, so much so in fact that I didn't rush to upgrade my HTC One M7 after the two years (Although the phone was only 6 months old as I had been given a replacement)

    I have never had any major issues with my HTC phones - I've also always like the fact that compared to Samsung they were fairly stock android. Any suggestions where else to go?

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