back to article Alibaba shares down as growth slows to a continental creep

After the largest-ever initial public offering in September, Alibaba has reported its slowest quarterly revenue growth in three years. The Chinese e-commerce titan has been embattled by market competition, on top of the woes of China's domestic economy. Investors in New York were spooked and shares fell by seven per cent, …

  1. Dan Paul

    A post China world....?

    Hmmm, let's see Alibaba sees slowing, Google is slowing and changed into Alphabet, China devalues it's Yuan by 4% publicly and perhaps more privately, Foxconn leaves China for India, economic growth around the world is no longer what it once was, the whole phone industry and PC/Tablet industry just knocked their expected earnings into a cocked hat.

    What is really happening? Who or what sucked all the steam out of the economy? Did all the "Stimulus" money blow away? Uncertainty about Greece? Too many worldwide social entitlements and nothing to pay for them?

    If I was a pessimist I'd say that we're headed for that recession we've been printing money hand over fist to stave off. BTW, printing money without something back it up is about the same as devaluing currency. Too many government doing that to ignore the results.

    Realistically, it seems that we've reached market saturation of almost all electronic or hard goods as they are not wearing out and there is no compelling reason to buy new ones (Not even "One more thing"), have reached advertising saturation for companies like Google and since hardly anyone is buying new stuff, fewer companies have advertising budgets to spend.

  2. johnaaronrose

    Windows Server 2003

    According to another article, Alibaba is one of the biggest users of Windows 2003 servers (30,000 of them). How long before a commercial competitor or government hacks them?

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