back to article Lean machines: Data centre consolidation done right

We've written extensively on the whys and wherefores of moving some or all of your infrastructure into a data centre. But what about when you need to do the opposite and move out of a data centre? Sometimes this will be because you're downsizing, but often it'll be because you need to consolidate two or more data centres into …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who are you actually talking to? The readership here almost certainly knows most of this stuff, or can come up with it between grabbing their coat and slamming the door behind them. It's good information, but it is information we already have. The Boss™ might be interested if lunch is included, but he's not on here (thank heavens). AC because, really, it is not personal, your writing is otherwise fine but the content is just not as interesting. Over here we tend to like controversy, high-tech nonsense and low-tech genius, something new, solutions we had not thought of, and preferably arcane or eccentric use of get the idea, there are plenty of other sites to read what we already know...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I wouldn't down vote you as it is a real question. Just remember that being in IT does not mean you know all of IT. I've been through this over a dozen times, almost always in charge both planning and execution and this does touch on some signicant pain points. The only place we differ is the merge. If you know, and I mean having gold-plated information on both datacenters, you'll likely end up with a consolidated datacenter that's better than either as you'll have a chance to rationalize the overall package. Without? The worst of greenfielding and relocating both. Far too many WTF moments as you deal with the undocumented and documented but can't find the document!

      [Picture doing this not with just a datacenter but with the destroyer wrapped around two datacenters. Oh and driven by an beta-grade project design implemented on and around alpha-software. That was the time my hair turned silver. No joke!]

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