back to article AMD patent filing hints at FPGA plans in the pipeline

With Intel in the process of buying venerable FPGA-maker (field programmable gate arrays) Altera and adding FPGA-like customisability to some Xeon silicon, the industry has been anticipating a response from AMD. And perhaps the first fruit of that response are now emerging. A report from Italy's Bits and Chips says the company …

  1. mi1400

    An excerpt from my Dec 2, 2007 post...

    I am personally an AMD Fanatic but AMD's lately Apple like reasoning have made me so disappointed, like ... Intel-like-Quadsicore approach is not an "Angelic" approach (recently Intel has spoken out on record that it was near impossible for AMD to solder two X2 like Intel beacuse of integrated HyperTransport etc) ... then AMD's stance that Phenom is also not an Angelic-way to empower notebook. I usyually say AMD has developed taste for eating bread crums from the floor. and perhaps Intel-AMD's 1999 secret agrement is hint/factor of why SSE4a lags SSE4.1 hence keeping AMD walking leaning-head behind Intel and still thrusting ancient 4000+ X2 bases notebooks on Enthusiasts, this also confirmed their TDP charm is broken and was a myth. Intel has silently opened a new front in notebooks and AMD is still not getting out of Angel-ic/Apple-ic phobia. Rememebr when AMD had upper hand in Opetron Vs Xeon they put a patetion (Opteron Xeon Duel) on thier site for fans to sign in convincing Intel to show up with its Xeon to get humiliated infront of whole world and the Flash video on did just that, now when the tables are turned Intel has not posted such patetion thing to call for it fans join the AMD-humiliation competition. I think we should abandon fanfare and become wise-customers thinking from brain not heart.


    Does anyone remember the AMD's MegaHertzigovinia (MegaHz-igovinia) pun too ... anyone share an article on secret enslavement agreement where by AMD is bound to keep its SSE throttled behind Intel's SSE or was it related to floating point calculation throttling !?! ... anyway it is the truw face of AMD and just an Intel's Decoy to keep anti-competitive monitoring courts shut up .. saying look we have shared the patents staisfying FRAND clauses and see AMD where camera focusing n corner of court AMD eating something from floor with diaper all filled with pee and feases .. looking toward Intel with all the gratitude to help AMD live no matter in this condition.

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