back to article Microsoft lays financial bear trap for cloud sceptics

Microsoft’s 'cloud first' mantra has teeth and it is crunching those gnashers down on the amount of money that old-world channel types can make from classic on-premise licensing. Financial rewards are the best way to shape the behaviour of salespeople and the company bosses that govern them – a path well trodden by Microsoft …

  1. TheVogon

    "UK public sector clients that refuse to migrate are seeing on-premise desktop software prices soar"

    I am seeing my clients / peers licensing via the cloud model to get the lowest cost, but sometimes then just using the desktop software entitlement that is included and not always migrating to the included cloud services.

    To be clear, this specific price rise is because the UK public sector have chosen not to negotiate a replacement for an expiring discount scheme - "PSA" - and have replaced it with a cloud focused agreement - "CTA" , not due to any across the board price rises that would effect everyone as the article title might imply...The UK government have chosen to push in this direction - not just Microsoft!

  2. Boris J's Quiff

    On premise? On premises you mean?

    1. TheVogon

      "On premise? On premises you mean?"

      Correct. I wasn't a enough of a pedant to point that one out.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Losing battle

      usage dictates meaning. "On premise" is here to stay - probably because it sounds right.

  3. Domquark

    And what's going to happen when the European Data Protection Regulation kicks in? When the rules on using the cloud for business become very tight? The EDPR sets out very specific requirements, that can only force prices [for cloud services] up, not down. The amount of extra time that each cloud customer is going to have to spend on compliance is going to be huge - which will incur costs for both the provider and the customer.

  4. TheVogon

    "And what's going to happen when the European Data Protection Regulation kicks in? "

    Not a lot for anyone using Office 365; you can already control the regions in which your sensitive data is stored...

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