Mobile service in Ireland and France

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  1. Radelix

    Mobile service in Ireland and France


    I'm an American traveling to France and Ireland over Christmas and new years. I have an unlocked GSM Nexus 5 that I plan on using while I am travelling. I don't need a lot of minutes and text is handled by hangouts. What I really need is data service. What networks (or single network) serve my data needs most cost competitively? I'm not well versed in the roaming deals between those 2 countries.


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      1. Radelix

        Re: Mobile service in Ireland and France

        Thanks for this.

    2. huaptec

      Re: Mobile service in Ireland and France

      I thought orange is good for you

  2. Lotaresco Silver badge

    Consider Three

    Three seem to have the best roaming deals in Europe with their "Feel At Home" packages that mean no roaming charges across a number of countries. I use them because my work takes me across Europe each year and I have no complaints. Coverage can be weak in some areas, mostly the places you would expect, valleys and remote national parks. They have SIM only deals and the USA is included in their coverage.

    Three - Feel At Home

  3. seanmccarthy

    I agree totally agree with "Lotaresco". But there are other options available for you like EE (EE Extra pay monthly plans with roaming), iD mobile (Per monthly), Tesco Mobile (Pay monthly, Pay-as-you-go) as per usage and budget convenient.

  4. Alexmgero

    Three is not very reliable network as they have not full coverage. My aquaintance once told me (I don't remember why, but he knew it) that many Irish who are on Three, purchase mobile phone signal boosters. So, be aware :)

    1. Lotaresco Silver badge

      "Three is not very reliable network as they have not full coverage."

      Which is irrelevant if the phone is being used for roaming within Europe, including Ireland. When roaming your phone will prefer the local 3 service, if it exists, otherwise it will use any available network. When used in the UK there are 3 network black spots but there are black spots with all networks and sod's law says that no matter which provider you choose you won't find coverage when you are desperate.

      In the (long, broad) valley where I live in the UK 3 is the only consistently available network. If I travel out of the area there are black spots in other valleys but usually limited to a radius of a mile or so.

      It's not true to say that they are "not very reliable". The network is reliable, it just has patchy coverage in some areas within the UK.

      In Italy I get the best network coverage with 3 and since all data is included in my plan it's remarkably cheap. Much cheaper than getting a TravelTalk SIM or a local SIM.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Oh their roaming is great. To the extent of getting better reception in an area of the fjords that doesn't even have roads, than at home in the suburbs of a county town.

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