back to article Tesla tech top dog downs slug, hikes bug bounty to $10k

It takes guts to own up to your mistakes and Tesla’s CTO showed plenty when he arrived on stage at DEF CON to personally thank the hackers who uncovered six serious vulns in the Model S sedan. And in @_defcon_ tradition, first-time speaker JB gets to take a shot on stage with @dropalltables and @marcwrogers …

  1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    Salutations to Tesla

    For once we see a car company reacting sensibly to the holes in their systems. Of course, this should have all been done before the cars were leaving the factory, but at least Tesla has the balls to realise they did not, and are apparently taking it seriously enough to do something about it. OK, bounty is not so big as some other companies, but its a damn sight better than most auto companies.

  2. The Mighty Spang

    good on them

    instead of sueing they embrace the problem and thank the finders. Then ask for better [people to help securing things.

    BTW like most Brits i'd never heard of Challenge Coins until a few months ago when they covered them on the excellent podcast 99 Percent Invisible. Get the skinny here:

    and BTW2 - most people here would probably find this a great podcast I think. Its about design. A good couple of epidsodes a few weeks ago about the automation paradox as how it applies to planes and perhaps coming soon self driven cars.

  3. Mark 85

    Left one company out in article

    El Reg covered this a few days ago. Seems GM paid out and promptly patched one very recently involving OnStar and their Bluetooth interface. Some car makers are learning and do the proper thing, others wait until the FTC tags them with a fine.

  4. mi1400

    You can measure AlReg Journos salary with this article

    Dear Journos at AlReg ... $10K maybe the price of most expensive thing/fantasy u had ever imagined or equal to several dozen salaries you could get at once... but the hackers or likes by selling elsewhere can get 10x better than this,, i understand and knew that ur brain froze doing 10x of $10,000 but its understandable as there has to be people (think journos) in lowest layer of food and intellect chain.

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