back to article Intel emits Skylake CPUs for gamers, overclockers (Psst, you'll need new RAM and a new mobo)

Intel has announced the first two processors using its new Skylake microarchitecture: the Core i5-6600K and the Core i7-6700K. Both of these 14nm chips are aimed at desktop PC gamers and people still overclocking their machines. The components form an outrider party for Skylake as more chips using the microarchitecture are due …

  1. IHateWearingATie

    Cooling is going to be fun with 95W!

    Have been thinking about replacing my 2500K that has been running at 4.5GHz for the last few years - the last couple of generations haven't given me anything much extra. Wonder if skylake will be better?

    1. richardcox13

      Re: Cooling is going to be fun with 95W!

      > 95W

      Given i7-9xx (1st gen i7's) had a TDP of 130W, and current generation AMD CPUs also go well over 100W how to dissipate that much heat is nothing new.

      (Looking at Sky-Lakes to replacement of my ageing i7-920: but will wait on the mainstream variants, however is does look like 2x16GB for memory is viable price wise.)

      1. MattyD

        Re: Cooling is going to be fun with 95W!

        Still holding on to my i7 920 D0, 2.6GHz stock running at 3.8GHz on closed loop cooling and fully tested successfully @4.2GHz with good temps under stress testing, only clocked it down a bit because I didn't need to run at 4.2.

        Time for an upgrade but not sure whether Skylake is really worth it against the inevitable price reduction we'll see on current gen. However if I can OC to 35% + like my 920 without the need for custom water cooling then I'm sold.

        Have to wait out and see what performance figures come up, maybe I'll buy myself an expensive Christmas gift!

        1. Boothy Silver badge

          Re: Cooling is going to be fun with 95W!

          I've got an (now quite old) i7 3770k (77W), Corsair Hydro cooler, and happily running at 4.3GHz without issue (stock speed is 3.5).

          The Hydro was easier to fit than an air cooler (compared to a larger 120mm one), and runs cooler and quieter than anything I've used previously.

          Don't think I'll be switching any time soon, there doesn't seem to be any gain with these newer CPUs.

    2. Jedit

      "Wonder if skylake will be better?"

      It will be better In that it will reduce the price of X99 systems, but it's not worth getting. Performance improvements under low stable overclocks are apparently only 2-3% over Haswell-E.

    3. Britt

      Re: Cooling is going to be fun with 95W!

      Ahh, I'm not the only one with a 4.5Ghz overclock on the 2500k. Most people seem to bulk away from that. I've managed 5.1Ghz air cooled and stable for over a day, 4.9Ghz and stable.

      Wonderful chip.

      Makes it hard to justify upgrading.

  2. nijam

    > fine-grain overlocking features

    And it does needlework as well!

  3. ciaran
    Thumb Down

    Not good for NVMe then?

    Only 16 PCIe lanes from the chip itself. So the NVMe drive has to go on the chipset. So its not good for my new high performance machine that I'm looking to build. Next!

  4. GitMeMyShootinIrons

    Article seems a bit whinging...

    I note a distinct dislike in the article for having to change motherboard etc. That's called progress - sometimes old kit simply isn't up to the needs/abilities of a new component.

    For example - I was disappointed my old 486 motherboard can't take an i7, but not too surprised.

  5. stanners

    Sorry but no 64gb support the intel page clearly shows 32GB is the max.

  6. NellyBauer

    4k over HDMI 1.4?

    "an output a resolution of 4096-by-2304 pixels at 60Hz over HDMI 1.4 "

    Pretty sure the HDMI 1.4 spec does not allow 60hz 4k and is limited to 24hz? Or are Intel doing something clever here?

    1. Boothy Silver badge

      Re: 4k over HDMI 1.4?

      Yup, 1.4 is limited to 24hz, it needs to be HDMI 2 for 60hz @ 4k.

      Hopefully this is just a typo, as HDMI 2.0 has been out since 2013, so why would you bring a new chip out that only does 1.4, especially if you expect to support 60hz @ 4k, which needs 2.0.

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