back to article ISC ’15 Student Cluster Competition: Euro kids answered the calls to arms

Eight countries from five continents sent eleven university student teams to do battle at the recently concluded ISC’15 Student Cluster Competition. If you multiply 8 x 5 x 11, you get 440; a number that has no relevance to this article. Europe was ably represented by four teams. Let’s have a video introduction to each of them …

  1. Howard Hanek

    Demonic Fan Noise

    Like the painful moaning of suffering or the higher pitched screeches of Satan's Imps?

    1. danolds

      Re: Demonic Fan Noise

      Yes! Exactly like that!! In fact, I think I thought I hear a ghostly voice saying "Krill everyone here"....but that couldn't be, cause how do you "krill" someone? Besides tossing tiny crustaceans on them?

  2. Nigel 11

    Eek! Cthulu! RUN!!

    This resulted in an ugly cut on the finger of their team leader and added some quantity of human blood to their cluster mix

    1. danolds

      Re: Eek! Cthulu! RUN!!

      Ok, that one made me do a coffee spit take on my desk....excellent comment. Wonder if Coon & Friends is up to building a cluster for the next competition?

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