back to article EMC II, VMware and the future: Unpicking the house that Joe built

Look guys, the options are pretty limited. If VMware can't leave the EMC Federation and the Federation somehow has to upvalue itself for investors and find shares priced high enough to pay off Elliott Management, then one bit of the Federation has to buy the rest or the Federation has to be acquired/merge with a white knight. …

  1. minitruth

    Hyper-V is coming on strong here in the Pacific Northwest - not just small shops - and that would certainly accelerate with EMC taking over VMware...

    1. unredeemed

      I live in the Pacific Northwest locale (AK, WA, OR, and some surrounding states). While Hyper-V is around, it's probably 1 of 100 customers I meet. King County the largest county in WA, uses it. Since Microsoft is such a large contributor to local taxes, they support buying "local." Beyond that, hyper-V adoption is really not that big, nor accelerating. It just doesn't have the robust features needed that VMware has.

      KVM on the other hand, and Oracle VM is picking up steam. I'm sure Nutanix which has a decent foot print here will pitch their upcoming hypervisor. Those mentioned, have more buzz than Hyper-V. I work for a large vendor here, and see customers from 50 employees to 5000+ employees. Hyper-V is just not that prevalent as you say. Perhaps in the SMB space maybe.

  2. yo_G

    Looks like a circle-jerk.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's All About the $850M EMC Socialized to the Street

    EMC told the street that they would reduce expenses by $850M/year.

    Easily done by consolidating duplicative Sales, Sales Ops, Finance, Marketing, Technical Marketing, Product Management, Competitive Intelligance Operations, M&A, Professional Services, Service Marketing, Portfolio, Delivery Operations, Customer Service, Customer Service Operations, IT, Human Resources, Legal, Accounting, Travel, Facilities... (help me here, I musta forgot something - lol )

    When vmware was being resold more actively by IBM, HP, NetApp, name your vendor; it made sense to keep operations separate. But with more options on the street these days, it makes more sense to make EMC and Vmware one entity.

    Customers will be happy with one Rep, one Message, one Contract, one Bill, and getting out of the middle of sales squabbles for account control - one throat to choke if you will.

    Either EMC buys Vmware or Vmware buys EMC... keep the brands, cut the bureaucracy.

    And the winners will be the customer, the stockholder, and the employees!!!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: It's All About the $850M EMC Socialized to the Street

      The winners will be the employees? Really? You spent the previous paragraphs describing how to consolidate numerous back office functions to save $850million? how will that work then?

      Anyway I'm getting really bored of the OK magazine style articles about EMC Chris - which company fancies which, is their an engagement on the cards? Guess whos pregnant with a new subsidiary?

      If we could actually have something interesting about storage technology, as opposed to pandering to conspiracy theories about activist investors that would be just marvelous.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: It's All About the $850M EMC Socialized to the Street

        @Barti, "Sales & Services" Back Office Functions; hardly. EMC's SG&A is 3 times R&D.

        EMC's 2014 Financials showed Revenue==$24.5B, SG&A==$9B, R&D==3B.

        Vmware's 2014 Financials showed Revenue==$5.1B, SG&A==$2.8B, R&D==$1.2B.

        Squeezing $850M of SG&A savings out of a total of $11.8B alone is doable, nevermind other efficiencies.

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