back to article IBM and Apple sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g e-n-t-e-r-p-r-i-s-e b-u-y-e-r-s

IBM is once again pushing its software-for-suits in tandem with Apple. Big Blue said it will sell its enterprise customers Mac desktops and notebooks pre-loaded with its IT management software and services. The bundles are aimed at helping IT departments integrate Macs with their current software platforms. Under the new …

  1. VeganVegan

    Back in 1984, who in their right mind

    Would have foreseen this situation.

    The more things change, the more things change.

    1. jake Silver badge

      @ VeganVegan (was: Re: Back in 1984, who in their right mind)

      In 1988, working for a third-party company, IBM and Apple tried to recruit my team into the Taligent/Pink kludge. I have a T-shirt that has the IBM logo of the time superimposed on the Apple logo of the time on the front, and the words "Your brain, on drugs" on the back. We were informed that if we wore them at work again, we'd be fired.

      I worked for NET, an early wide-area voice, data & video multiplexing firm (over leased T1(E1) and T3(E3) lines). Funniest thing is, we used Sun computers internally and we resold Sun systems outfitted with our network management software. IBM bought our OEM Sun kit[0] to manage their global networking needs. We had no Apple gear anywhere on the campus, to the best of my knowledge. Even Marketing used Sun gear ... Most secretaries & middle management used microsoft-based PCs & Netware (as was the norm in that timeframe).

      [0]Yes, IBM used Sun gear to control their WAN. My NDA has expired ;-)

  2. Ken 16 Silver badge

    Shame the don't make their own laptops

    Maybe they could partner with Lenovo, their X1 Carbon is a lot nicer than a McBook.

  3. Nifty Silver badge

    Do they come preloaded with a matte screen or alternatively a dark room to use them in?

  4. razorfishsl

    This is completely laughable......

    These are the ass clowns who made a server, persuaded IT staff to pay for oracle databases , then left them swinging in the wind.

    Further went on to make a fucking tubular computer that won't fit in any reasonable server rack, conned people into believing you can run a 'server' on some shitty little half sized toaster, without a proper connection for networking or disk drives, and to top it off these are the same ass clowns who have taken over 8 months to process our corporate account, despite repeated calls and promises it would be sorted out in a week or less (but they don't understand why it has not been processed)

    Why give a fuck about about us?... all we wanted to do was expand the number of macs by reducing down the windows workstation which currently number 400.

    Please Apple if anyone of you corporate morons are reading this....... get your fucking act together.

    Oh.. now going into the 9th month my corporate account still has not been approved,,,

    But I can see your point ,why give a fuck about a company that turns over >$300 million USD ,wants to try and implement a corporate Apple policy when you are making billions from selling iTools....

    By the way Apple marketing....

    "JAMF Casper Suite management software, "

    How apt: JAMF = Jive Ass Mother Fucker. (Thanks Dirty Harry....)

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