back to article Dynamics CRM biz gobble lets bosses play fantasy league ... at work ... using sales reps

Microsoft has gobbled up FantasySalesTeam-maker Incent Games, and will bake the software into its Dynamics CRM product. Incent calls FantasySalesTeam "sales gamification" (no, me neither). Rather than dangle a big carrot in front of sales reps – like a fat end-of-year bonus – it lets managers offer lots of smaller prizes to …

  1. Tom 35

    How about

    Make the outlook plug-in not turn a typical i5 laptop into a 486?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is about greedy bastards....

    Used to be for call center type sales people, the manufacturers of products you sold would ante up SWAG like bicycles, cameras, TV's, sports tickets, branded clothing, trinkets etc. And you STILL GOT PAID COMMISSIONS!!!

    Now it appears they are replacing good old cash with the same SWAG they used to give you free for selling their stuff.

    Looks like they found another way to screw people harder and deeper. Time to screw back.

    If everyone says no to this kind of plan then only the dregs take the position and the company look like the greedy dolts they are. Coupled with a concerted negative social media campaign, they might fire a manager who promotes this crap.

  3. qzdave


    About time the poor sales "leadership" got something to relieve the boredom of measuring every minutiae of the sales force's activity. Once we prise then off excel, who knows what could happen... perhaps they'll go meet a customer, our develop a coherent strategy. The possibilities are literally finite.

  4. Youngone Silver badge

    Used by...

    TFA says this POS is used by Comcast, HP and others. I wonder who the others are, because Comcast is more or less a monopoly and HP seems to be failing into irrelevance.

    Not sure those are great examples, but Microsoft bought it, so it'll probably go as well as the Nokia purchase did.

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