Windows 10 download doesn't work?

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  1. stuartnz

    Windows 10 download doesn't work?

    I wanted to download Windows 10 directly, to give myself the option of doing a clean install. I went to this page

    and downloaded the Media Creation tool, but when I try to run it, on either my Win 7 64Pro PC or my 8.1 Home laptop, nothing at all happenes. That is, the UAC dialog comes up, I click "Yes", and then, nada. Checking Task Manager shows now new applications or processes running after clicking "Yes" on the UAC dialog. I have tried turning it off then on again, that didn't help either. I'm assuming this is a pebkac issue, but what sort, exactly? Any suggestions will be received with profound gratitude.

    1. Cowfly

      Re: Windows 10 download doesn't work?

      Hi Stuart

      Check Windows updates be sure that both systems are completely up to date.

      Providing your PC/Laptop is compatible check that you're running up to date versions of Windows , as you can only upgrade if you patched to Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1

      I upgraded my own system and need a few updates to get the media tool to proceed.

      Good luck

      1. riki

        Re: Windows 10 download doesn't work?

        I am running Linux (what else?) but my wife's laptop with 8.1 Pro 32-bit is still driving me mad. The latest episode is this darn W10. It just won't download. The system is up to date with all updates installed, checked, rechecked, the lot. The lappy, a COMPAQ PRESARIO CQ60-212EM, is also fairly new and therefore compatibility is not an issue. The Windows icon that was supposed to be planted bottom right has never appeared. Searching the Net for solutions is a waste of time. The frustration is extreme! Why does Microsoft always make it so difficult? Linux is sooooooo easy! Needless to say that I have given up and the laptop will die, eventually, with its 8.1 Pro and NEVER EVER again will I be persuaded to purchase another machine running Windoze for my wife.

    2. todaslasredes

      Re: Windows 10 download doesn't work?

      It won't work if you don't have the licence... but if you actual computer is windows 8... just do an upgrade.

      1. stuartnz

        Re: Windows 10 download doesn't work?

        Thank you all very much for taking the time to reply with suggestions. I apologise for my tardiness in checking the thread I started!

        I did have the licence, for both the Win 7 and Win 8 PCs, and despite the assistance of an MS staffer on another forum, in the end I had to format both and do clean install of their original OSes to enable the Windows 10 upgrade.

  2. Spondulex

    Windows 10

    I live in fear of "new" and "latest", as the "bugs" were not ironed out for some time. So WHEN should i take the plunge for Windows 10?

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