back to article Sick burn, LOSER! Nvidia recalls Shield gaming slabs over BLAZE RISK

Nvidia has today urged gamers to stop using its eight-inch Shield tablets, and send them back to base, because they are a fire risk. Nearly 90,000 units in America and Canada have been recalled over fears they will burn players. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said in a recall notice that there have been four …

  1. HighTech4US

    Do a Poll

    Quote: Nevertheless, the recall includes 83,000 fondleslabs sold in the US, and 5,000 sold in Canada. While Nvidia hasn't released Shield sales numbers as yet, that's got to be a fairly high percentage of the gaming tablet's sales.

    Why don't you do a Poll and ask owners if they have the B01 or Y01 battery. Then you could have a reliable number instead of just guessing.

    1. Kimo

      Re: Do a Poll

      I have the Y01 variant as well. I take it from the 2-4 week replacement estimate that Nvidia has plenty of backstock on hand. Which is good news for us, but not a great sign when it comes to sales data.

  2. Plunn

    Not just in the US. I'm a UK Shield tablet user in the UK. Purchased from Amazon at Christmas and I have the dodgy battery. Now advised not to use it and it will be 2-4 weeks for a replacement.

  3. m0rt

    Same here. Bought March this year.

    Amazon uk have withdrawn them from sale, I see.

    All they would do is refund, not replace.

    1. Gannet


      This is a manufacturer recall so you need to follow the nVidia process to acquire a replacement:


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