back to article No, Microsoft: Your one-billion Windows 10 goal is just sad ... really sad

Targeting one million of anything is no longer cool, according to Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. Only one billion will do. It's not surprising, therefore, that Microsoft has set itself a billion-device goal for Windows 10. What is surprising is just how unambitious that goal is, given the computing giant's aspirations. Indeed, …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Linux quietly trumped that number a long time ago but of course doesn't have Microsoft's advertising/lobbying and marketing budget to ram it down your throat like an unwanted act of fellatio.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Correct, that's why fanbois were invented.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Or paid shills champions

    2. Jeff Lewis

      Linux didn't have to sell to actual end users. The only case where it's made a success there is in Android - which has a seriously pared down Linux that's almost nothing but kernel... and no one buys an Android device for the Linux... they buy it for Android.

      Heck most people don't even know there's a Linux IN there. They think Android IS the OS.

      So yeah - Linux is a real winner. As long as no one ever has to actually *use* it directly for anything.


      1. kryptylomese

        Hey Jeff Lewis you appear to be a home computer user

        In business Linux rules so yes people do see it.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward


          Does it?

          Must have missed that one. And open source software rules too! Yeah!

      2. Jeff Green

        If any normal user "wants" an operating system, that operating system is broken. An operating system shouldn't be a "product" as such. It is simply the way to get things done. Most people don't book a holiday on an Airbus 380, they book a Holiday in Thailand or Skegness with appropriate transport. Linux is a HUGE success because everyone uses it, many many times a day, and neither know nor care that they do.

        When does anyone notice Windows? When it changes in a way that stops you working or it crashes or it costs you money.

        1. werdsmith Silver badge

          >Most people don't book a holiday on an Airbus 380

          Quite. And most users don't care about the OS as long as they can launch the app they want to use and it works. Which is why they are attracted to a familiar desktop.

          The problem with a bunch of Register readers discussing this stuff is that we are very different from the average PC user, and the average user represents the vast bulk of the market.

          So, talk to the average user about Linux or windows or whatever and they will switch off because they are only interested in getting to their email etc.

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward


          Linux is unnoticeable except when it crashes too. Not sure I follow your point.

    3. Bob Vistakin

      Bears n Woods

      In the first edition of Bill Gates 1994 book,"The Road Ahead", the word "internet" appeared 4 times.

      Being so late to mobile they can't catch up is nothing new at all - just look at search, cloud, ads etc

      1. 080

        Re: Bears n Woods

        Being late to the party is not always a bad thing. The first arrivals all have to show what they are wearing and if you and crafty enough you can look at these and design something better and be the star.

        Unfortunately Microsoft just cobbled together some bits and bobs that had been hanging around and decided that it would be good enough. It wasn't.

        It always amazes me that with all the good points in fruity and penguiny systems it still manages to design a boring catch up well behind the cutting edge and then pack it into a monster download. Compare the W10 download with Mint 17.2 download and the former does not even include the programs that the latter does.

        I'll stick with W7 Pro, it is more than good enough as a back up to Mint 17.2

    4. John H Woods Silver badge

      "...unwanted act of fellatio..." -- AC


      ITYM 'irrumatio' -- an unwanted act of fellatio would be something else: "Hey! I *really* didn't want you to wake me up like that ... etc"


  2. keithpeter Silver badge

    Time, stages and granularity


    I actually filled in the form and downloaded the slides.

    Still could not find a methodology or definition of what or how 'time' was measured on each of the devices. My Blackberry Bold (does that even count as a smartphone these days?) is on 24/7. But I'm interacting with it in short fractally distributed bursts.

    This laptop is on for a tenth of the time of the phone, but it gets an hour at a time of concentrated attention.


    Phone -> Laptop may be a coming of age thing? As one grows out of School / College the proportion of one's time spent on 'social' may decrease in favour of focussed activity. Just wondering about the underlying assumption in this research that what 18 - 34 age group do *now* will be the same going forward. Could it be that as the tasks associated with each stage of life change then the tools we overgrown chimps use may change as well.


    18 - 34 covers a *huge* set of transitions in a life path - major differentiation of roles &c.

    This needs to be split 18-24 ish then 25-35 ish at the very least.

  3. Phoenix50


    Erm, hang on "El Reg".

    A month ago you were sneering at the idea Microsoft could achieve a billion installs with Windows 10 and now you're saying that not only is the number not enough, you're calling out various iterations of the damn thing as not even "counting" towards it!

    Sort yourselves out. You're a mess.

    1. azaks

      Re: Goodness.

      You beat me to it! Have an up vote...

    2. FrankAlphaXII

      Re: Goodness.

      I agree, the bitching about Windows 10 out of the writers here is getting very old. I've been using it for two months and have had no problems. The one thing I'll agree with is Mozilla's complaint about changing default programs, it is kind of a pain in the ass and its not just for browsers.

      And keep in mind what they're not telling you about Matt Asay's background, he's a FOSS evangelist, which they used to make very clear on his articles when he was a regular writer here. So much for disclosure anymore, eh?

      1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

        Re: Re: Goodness.

        "the bitching about Windows 10 out of the writers here is getting very old"

        Consider it an antidote to the acres of arse-licking in the "tech" "press" over Windows 10.

        If you want 100% praise for all things Microsoft, CNN is that way --------->


        1. Jeff Lewis

          Re: Goodness.

          "Consider it an antidote to the acres of arse-licking"

          That's an inane argument.

          "Puppy saves boy!"

          "Damn puppy - probably has fleas!"

          "That seems meanspirited..."

          "Yeah but someone has to counterbalance all the lame-os who think puppies are cute..."

          1. PNGuinn

            Re: Goodness. @JL

            When you've defleaed w10 and got it to save someone give me a ring.

            In the meantime ... Thanks - the one with the Puppy cd in the pocket ...

      2. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

        Re: Goodness.


        There is more than likely a whole series of vast improvements in windows 10 over windows 7 (and 8,but its not hard improving 8, taking a dump on the screen would improve that pile of poo)

        But m$ have decided to hide all the extra goodness in win10 under a layer of giltzy crap.

        Updates? sending data back to homebase?, a UI that takes the best from classic windows and the best(hah) from windows 8 and tries to shoe horn it together.

        And then they make it free for current m$ victi.. sorry customers to upgrade.

        Which says to me they're either desperate for the customer base to move to win10 and lock them in, or m$ themselves dont think win10 is actually worth paying for.

        And if I'm getting an OS for free, I'm installing linux mint

      3. lightweight

        Re: Goodness.

        He's been more of a hindrance than a help to FOSS for years.

    3. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Goodness.

      "Sort yourselves out. You're a mess"

      It's an opinion piece - it's the opinion of the writer. We have dozens of writers - some staff, some freelance - and we do disagree with each other.

      The Reg is a broad church. Would you prefer us all parrot the same thing, or provide a range of opinion and analysis?

      Tedious. Post less.


    4. Jeff Lewis

      Re: Goodness.

      Reg has to be contrarian. Since everyone else seems to like Win10 and is cheering its success - a few sites like this one and PCWorld (weirdly) are working overtime to deflate the parade.

      Ah well.

  4. DJV Silver badge

    "A billion ain't what it used to be"

    Too right - on this side of the pond (UK) it used to be 1,000,000,000,000!

    1. Chemist

      Re: "A billion ain't what it used to be"

      "Too right - on this side of the pond (UK) it used to be 1,000,000,000,000!"

      ~40-50 YEARS AGO !

      1. DJV Silver badge

        Re: "A billion ain't what it used to be"

        Aye ~40-50 years ago - and you try and tell the young people of today that ..... they won't believe you.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: "A billion ain't what it used to be"

        Wasn't the reduction in value because some people in the US wanted to appear better off, or were they scared by all the zeros?

        1. Esme

          Re: "A billion ain't what it used to be"

          No, it was because our politicians were so much in bed with US politicians that they decreed that when talking finance 'a billion' would mean a thousand million rather than the more generally used million million. I'm with our Continetal chums on this one - if you want a name for 'a thousand million' there's the perfectly good milliard.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: "A billion ain't what it used to be"

            Yeah, but who wants to go around calling themselves a "milliardaire"?

            "Billionaire" has a nice ring to it.

  5. DropBear

    Cue mad cackle when even that "sad" one billion will fail to materialise.

  6. bryces666

    Windows phone

    That boat has sailed, I don't think they are ever going to catch that up, they missed the boat.

    They really need to concentrate now on making our other os devices work seamlessly with their desktop environment so they don't lose even more seats.

    1. mmeier

      Re: Windows phone

      Some see that different. I actually ditched a Samsung "Security Leaks" Not2 for a Lumnia 535 and despite the lack of a stylus (I still do not like touch) the overall useability of my smartphone has VASTLY improved for me. No more "Reboot tut gut" random reboots, a considerably better voice capability, smoother UI, useable offline navigation, a decend chance to get updates and bugfixes and as a bonus an integration to the company Exchange (and a company paid data card).

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Beg to differ

    "There's a reason that most (90 per cent!) people happily prefer Windows to Mac OS X, and buy Windows machines. They're comfortable with the experience."


    It's because most people won't pay for overpriced product that's essentially a standard PC (architecturally), and 'standard' PCs come with Windoze so no real choice.

    Me, I'm a Linux convert, the spread of which being held back however by lack of apps that run only on Windows - chicken & egg scenario.

    1. Sebby

      Re: Beg to differ

      Really? I always thought it was because people found it easier to justify being cheap instead of evaluating a platform to see if it would meet their needs *, and the power in numbers just ensured that maximum compatibility would fall to Windows long after its genuine enthusiasts had given up hope for it.

      But I could be wrong.

      You might consider a Mac, BTW. Well-built, quiet machines that run more generally-available commercial software. UI is also far more polished and uniform, and the tools are better certified. You can build or run your FLOSS apps on it too, or run Linux or Windows on them. Yeah, a bit less control under OS X, but much sweeter than Windows, and none of the attendant nonsense.

      * I accept that Apple's pricing is disagreeable. But there, you gets what you pays for ...

      1. Shane Sturrock

        Re: Beg to differ

        The cost of entry into Mac OS X may be higher in the short term but it pays off in the longer term. I used to run nothing but Linux and every year I would trot down to PC World and hand over another chunk of cash to replace the smashed laptop from the previous year. Gradually I bumped the money up hoping to get a longer life, first starting with a Samsung for £600, then a Compaq at £1000 and finally a Toshiba for £1500. Like the previous machines that Toshiba was dead after 12 months of lugging it around the world. The keys would fly off when I typed, the case had a large crack down the back of the screen and the backlight was intermittent so I would have to bang it to get it on some times, and the corner of the body broke off early in the life. Plus it looked like hell because the silver finish on the palm rest rubbed off leaving two black hand prints. £1500. Think about that for a moment, and then look at the G4 iBook I replaced it with for £1000 in 2003 which still works to this day having served as my primary machine for three years and then another three with my wife and then until just a couple of years back as my iTunes server. I replaced it with a MacBook Pro in 2006 which I ran for 6 years. I fell off my motorcycle with that in my backpack and it got dented but still works.

        When I look at the money I spent on regular PC laptops versus the Macs I've had over the years the cost of a Mac looks like a very good investment. I don't think Apple's pricing is disagreeable at all when I need a machine which can take a beating and still come back kicking. Sure, there are PCs that can take the same treatment but they also cost a lot and I don't get a fully supported UNIX like I do with a Mac. Where I work they stopped buying PCs and get everyone Macs now because they last longer. People can choose whatever OS they want but everyone gets a Mac. It just makes financial sense and we had the numbers to prove it which won the finance guy over.

        1. Loud Speaker

          Re: Beg to differ

          The cost of entry into Mac OS X may be higher in the short term but it pays off in the longer term.

          Well there is the problem, staring you in the face ... all democratic governments, almost all corporations, and most people, are insanely short term.

          And most people I encounter have no grasp of the concept of Windows or an OS. They genreally think Windows means Word, and assume the UI is a function of the vendor, same way that phone vendors have custom skins on Android phones.

          When friends and family bring me their malware infested XP machines, they mostly say "it is sick, make it better" and I put Linux on it. Two years later, they bring it back for an upgrade. (Since I do not give them the ability to Sudo). No complaints.

          If they say "but I want Windows" I say "well take it back where you got it from - they are the Windows people". The machine normally goes in a cupboard somewhere, and they may buy a new one. Or get a tablet.

        2. Chika

          Re: Beg to differ

          The cost of entry into Mac OS X may be higher in the short term but it pays off in the longer term. I used to run nothing but Linux and every year I would trot down to PC World and hand over another chunk of cash to replace the smashed laptop from the previous year.

          First of all, wtf were you doing to keep smashing laptops each year? Lugging computers around isn't unusual for laptops of most varieties but I have yet to see a really badly damaged machine (apart from a Toshiba Lifebook that I got back from one user which was coming apart at the hinge, though the machine in question was over ten years old!)

          Second, why were you buying them from PC World? Goodness knows there are better value machines out there!

          Sure, there are PCs that can take the same treatment but they also cost a lot and I don't get a fully supported UNIX like I do with a Mac.

          No, you don't. You can, however, find Unix out there if you need it.

        3. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

          Re: Beg to differ

          The cost of entry into Mac OS X may be higher in the short term but it pays off in the longer term

          Not for my family, it hasn't. We've spent much, much more on the various Macs and other Apple gear my wife and daughter use than we have on the Thinkpads I use - and I cart those Thinkpads all over the place, knock them over, drop them, etc. The Dell laptops my employer buys aren't my favorite machines, but they too have consistently lasted longer without problems than the Macs.

          Many of my Mac-using friends have had (expensive) difficulties with their machines, too, but I can't vouch for how they take care of them.

          Oh, is my anecdotal experience not convincing? Neither is yours.

    2. Esme

      Re: Beg to differ

      What has kept Mac ownership down amongst folk I know is quite simply price. Those that have seen and experienced them seem to think they're rather nice, but simply can't afford them. I know that buying refrubed kit or using second-hand kit gifted them by a wealthier friend that's just bought new is common.

      And over the years, every now and then someone asks me to set up a Linux box for them (I'm in the process of doing so now, as it happens). All I've ever done is make sure that friends are at least aware that an alternative, in the form of Linux exists, and if they;'e expressed interest in seeing it, I've shown them what it's like. Every now and then one of 'em takes the plunge, finds it isn;t so scary after all and happily joins the penguinistas. But I wouldn;t be at all surprised if they came into some money if they went and bought themselves some Apple kit, whereas the only reason any would have for buying Windows again (and it's a reason that's growing less forceful by the year) is to play games on. And not that many people (amongst those i know) play the kinds of games that need the lastest Windows kit.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Beg to differ

      "Me, I'm a loud-mouthed and boorish Linux convert..."


    4. theOtherJT

      Re: Beg to differ

      I always assumed it was just that most people historically didn't give a shit about computers. Windows won the workplace and because they had one at work, they got one at home.

      Possibly less true now than it was 15 years ago, but there's still got to be a shit-ton of older people who are only using Windows because it's what they were forced to use the first time out and never cared enough to switch.

      I'm comfortably OS agnostic since my first computer was a Vic20, when I was at high school it was all Acorn RISC machines, a brief flirtation with iMacs (the CRT ones) at college, and then it's been Windows everywhere I've worked from then on. My desktop now runs Debian, but then I'm a sysadmin, so hardly typical.

      If you didn't grow up through all that and your first exposure to personal computing was at work some time in the Win 9x era - which a quick staff room, coffee break, chat around here seems to suggest a lot of people's was - then why would you know or care about your OS? You just go with the "brand" that you've heard of and are unlikely to change unless forced to.

      1. a_yank_lurker Silver badge

        Re: Beg to differ

        More to the point, most people over a certain age only learned to use W95+. Before then, most people did not own a computer at home and may not have used one at work. The Internet was the game changer; you need an Internet capable device to use it. Back ~20 years ago that meant a PC.

        1. Richard Plinston

          Re: Beg to differ

          > The Internet was the game changer; you need an Internet capable device to use it. Back ~20 years ago that meant a PC.

          20 years ago (in two weeks time) retail Windows 95 was _NOT_ an "Internet capable device". It was released only capable of accessing the original MSN, an attempt by Microsoft to replace the Internet by its own network. Later, the Plus Pack gave proper Internet access as did OSR2.

      2. Pookietoo

        Re: at work some time in the Win 9x era

        My first exposure at work, before I'd ever owned a PC, was Solaris and HPUX, so I was happy to put Slackware on my first PC because I found Windows 95 a bit confusing (we'd only done DOS at college).

  8. Pirate Dave Silver badge

    One Billion devices running Windows 10?

    Wow, Windows 11, 12, and 13 must have really sucked to have a billion people sticking with Windows 10.

  9. Stephen Booth

    Phones and tablets are not PCs

    The assumption in this article is that MS has to succeed in the phone space.Yes the decline in the PC market is partly due to a certain class of PC user finding a new class of device that fits their needs better. This is a fragmentation of the sector into two markets. Just because people used to use horses for travel and the plough does not mean the future belongs to a unified tractor-car hybrid. Tractors and cars might be made by the same company and use the same basic technology but its not the same product. Apple does ok making a phone and computer the same way Honda does ok making tractors and cars but they are different products. Not every car/tractor manufacturer has to make both and nobody succeeds with a unified solution even if some of the parts are the same. In fact market fragmentation is better for business because apple can sell you a phone and a laptop if you need both.

    Phone/music-player/camera combination seems to work as a combination because they are all portable devices you want to carry around and separate devices would compete with each other for pocket space.

    Microsoft can't seem to do phones. Apple have never done much in the games console space they both compete in the PC space. Once upon a time Microsoft managed to expand their market by making windows a server as well as a desktop OS and this has resulted in a fetish for using windows as a solution to every problem. Its not.

    1. a_yank_lurker Silver badge

      Re: Phones and tablets are not PCs

      Your analogy is apt. MS needs to concentrate on keeping their current, some what rebellious customers loyal. A friend who is considering Linux found two PCs for <$300 with Linux installed - one from Best Buy and the other from Walmart. If these two retailers are offering modestly priced Linux boxes MS really needs to worry.

    2. mmeier

      Re: Phones and tablets are not PCs

      For me both their tablet pc (Surface/3, Surface/Pro) and phones are just fine. Using a full sized OS with a full sized CPU solves a lot of problems I had with Android tablets including "Wannabee", the Not10.1 "I want to be a tablet pc". Even the Atom powered Surface/3 (heck, even the old Samsung Ativ 500) where a lot better in handling complex documents (and more than one of them). Where the No10.1 was desperatly pedaling with all its poor lil cores the Intel units always seemed a bit bored and task manager seemed to ask "that's all".

      Same with Lumnia Phones. For my use I have all the apps I need on a stable platform with good offline navigation (useful in the border region I live in) that does not reboot itself twice weekly. That the 99€ L535 even feels a lot sturdier than the Not2 is another strike against VEB Plaste and Elaste Korea with their Confederated Airpuck.

    3. Wade Burchette Silver badge

      Re: Phones and tablets are not PCs

      Excellent analogy. One of my pet-peeves with Windows 8 and by extension Windows 10 is that programs are called "apps". I always believed that was the case so that people would think they had to buy their programs from Microsoft's app store, thus Microsoft gets their cut.

      I also believe that Microsoft kept trying to unify the platforms because they believe analysts who said the PC was dying. Unify the platforms, people get used to Metro UI, as the PC dies they will be so familiar with Metro that they will want a tablet with one too. The problem with all that is analysts get paid to make predictions, not to be right; generally speaking, they couldn't predict 12:30 at 12 noon. The PC will not die because tablets are not acceptable tools for real computer work. For instance, all day typing can be done on a tablet, but it is much better on a laptop or desktop. The PC is not dying, Microsoft did not need to unify.

      1. Richard Plinston

        Re: Phones and tablets are not PCs

        > The PC is not dying,

        No, but PC _sales_ are dying because they became 'good enough' 10 years ago. In the 90s new PCs were 10 times faster than the one they bought 3 years ago. New versions of Windows had to add more bloat to slow them down so that a new even faster machine was needed. Vista was the high point of that. Every machine since then has been fast enough to keep until it breaks completely (with iPads and smart phones supplementing usage).

    4. Pookietoo

      Re: Phones and tablets are not PCs

      Except of course that they are - they're not the classic "IBM compatible PC" but they don't need to be because web content is a large part of what many people use PCs for these days and that is generally platform agnostic.

    5. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Phones and tablets are not PCs

      Not true. Software controls hardware. As new hardware with big screens and overlays in the augmented world come of age windows will become more relevant, not less.

      That is where Microsoft is heading.

  10. Lamb0

    A lightweight distro like AntiX

    on a dinosaur single 2Ghz CPU 1GB laptop with a real keyboard meets my needs well enough most of the time. With ABP, Ghostery, Better Privacy, and of course, NoScript bandwidth and hardware requirements are dramatically reduced!

    There's even Linux drivers for legacy hardware that Windows will no longer support... but the old abandonware plays nice with WINE. ;-)

    FWIW, I first misread: "Windows 10 is best suited to its traditional PC homebase" as: "Windows 10 is best suited to its traditional PC homeless".

    It's liberating not to be tied to advertising, particular vendors, and most especially... the CLOUD. :-P

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What's the total number of Windows devices now?

    Windows 7 is on over half of them, and that's probably about the ceiling Windows 10 can reach, unless a lot of Windows 7 owners are nagged into taking the free upgrade to 10.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: What's the total number of Windows devices now?

      "[...] unless a lot of Windows 7 owners are nagged into taking the free upgrade to 10."

      W10 is appearing a step too far. The reasons for staying on Windows are gradually decreasing. I no longer need to be knowledgeable about Windows for work purposes or supporting the youngsters who now use smartphones. Linux will satisfy my needs - and I will expect there will be more chance of controlling that environment.

  12. Timmay

    OS X

    My Mac, since Yosemite, is slowly and surely pushing me back to Windows... and from what I've seen of Windows 10 on my experimentally cheap tablet (Linx 8), I quite like it!

    1. Carling

      Re: OS X

      Then Download and install Linux on your old Mac it will perform twice as fast than it's ever done. I bet you don't even know that Mac iOS/x is developed from the Free BSD operating system and Mac desktop was copied from Linux desktop. Steve Jobs had always been the champ for conning stupid people who think they are buying the best, Do a systems comparison between the Mac and any Intel i3, i5,i7 pc laptops and you'll find the the Pc laptops are built to a much higher specification, I read this week that Mac users world wide are taking a class action law suite out against Apple... You might want to join them LOL....

      1. Henry Blackman

        Re: OS X

        Let's take this apart statement by statement:

        Mac iOS/x = What is this? After correct this turns into OS X and iOS.

        Neither OS X or iOS are based on FreeBSD. They are based on a Mach microkernel with some FreeBSD user land. It is also not Linux.

        Mac Desktop was NOT copied from Linux desktop. You understand that OS X 'desktop' was based on Finder - The Mac Experience, which predates Linux by 17 years. GNU Linux is in fact a clone of Unix itself.

        Comparisons of a Mac to any 'Intel i3, i5, i7 pc laptops' do not find that the 'Pc laptops' are built to a higher specification at all. Quite the opposite in fact when comparing machines at the same price point. The 'Apple Tax' has long since been demonstrated to be FUD. Such a sweeping generalisation can be nothing but trolling, so I dare you to find a £300 'Pc laptop' which is built to a higher specification than any Mac to support your statement.

        World wide class action law 'suite' - There is no such thing. Correcting this turns it into a 'law suit'. There *is* a number of class actions in the US over various things: iMessages being lost, iOS8 missing space, in-app purchases, retail workers and more. Some with more merit than others, but Apple has a large coffer of cash, so I mean why not. People need to be protected from this dreadful company right?

        1. kryptylomese

          Re: OS X

          The Mach kernel is poor compared with Linux from a performance point of view - There are NO OSX computers in the TOP500 super computer list :)

          You are correct in saying that Mac experience is not copied from Linux. However saying "The Mac Experience, which predates Linux by 17 years" is a little off the mark. Linux is Unix like (clone is a bit strong) and Unix predates the Mac experience by 13 years! Also, it is very old news that Mac was based on the Xerox PARC developed Alto personal computer from 1973, that Bill Gates also referenced for Windows.

          Apple tax is a thing and that is NO FUD - you make a nonsensical comparison with a $300 Pc Laptop - show me any Apple Mac for that price. I have built more capable machines than Apple sell for half the price!

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: OS X


            The adults are trying to talk.

      2. Timmay

        Re: OS X

        @ Carling > "Then Download and install Linux on your old Mac"

        This is an 18 month old MBA. And thanks, I'm not going to willy-wave, but yes, I knew Mac OS is based on FreeBSD. In fact, I pre-date FreeBSD by a good 15 years.

  13. Carling

    The true Microsoft facts

    The American media would have America people believe that M$ still has 90% of the world market which is far far from the truth. more like 20% these days, out side the states, Microsoft have lost 85% of their business partners over the last 15 yrs, through their heavy handed dictatorship

    They too have moved to developing and supporting Free open source Linux operating systems and software. Governments across the world have moved to using Linux. It was reported last month that Microsoft had attempted to black mail the UK law makers by threatening to pull their developments out of the UK. that didn’t workout the way MS thought it would. The government said they would show Microsoft the shortest route out of the UK. They also tried the same thing with Denmark and India that didn't work either,

    China have band windows on all government systems France and Spain education and governments departments used Linux. The French Police use Linux, The list goes on and on. Even the American government, white house, US Navy and Home Land Security use Linux, For those of you that can't except what being said then visit the website where 200 of the worlds top hardware manufactures are paying members of the Linux foundation, That will open your eyes, Then you'll learn why Linux is the worlds fastest most dominant operating system. that runs on 488 of the worlds top 500 fastest computers. Do a web search for 50 places Linux is running. That's another eye opener for the disbelievers. What more can be said that's good about Microsoft period

    1. kryptylomese

      Re: The true Microsoft facts

      "The true Microsoft facts" - Came here to say this!

    2. Vociferous

      Re: The true Microsoft facts

      You're living in a dream world.

  14. Banksy

    Haters gon' hate

    Couldn't El Reg have just created one article panning Windows 10? It's getting tiresome reading some of this scaremongering.

    I installed it Thursday and no problems so far. I'm not saying it's amazing or anything but it seems to do what Win 7 did and meets my needs. Obviously I need to use it more to identify any niggles but no problems so far using the web / playing games.

    1. kryptylomese

      Re: Haters gon' hate

      "Haters gon' hate" - awful phrase and your comments contain no technical criticism or review. Glad you have had a nice user experience but you are not addressing any of the issues.

      1. Banksy

        Re: Haters gon' hate

        Yes, it is an awful phrase. I used it for comedy value. It doesn't invalidate my experience.

        I'm not sure offering a user opinion required a "technical" criticism or review. I also haven't seen many "technical" issues offered beyond people slating MS/Windows in general.

    2. dubious
      Thumb Down

      Re: Haters gon' hate

      You've had no problems with Win10? Seems unlikely!

      Guess you haven't changed your wi-fi PSK yet, or used Edge to go to, or tried to select all emails in a folder, or tried dragging a window between monitors without moving it at 1,000kph, or set the system sounds to a lower volume and rebooted? etc., etc. Admittedly, I've hit nothing really show-stopping, but it looks like a perfect example of Agile development done wrong.

      Also, I dunno about you, but I'm getting snowblindness from all the white. No themes, no dark colour schemes, no user colour schemes, removal of keyboard shortcuts and most right click actions. It's getting to be as annoying to use as OSX, and even Apple started to use the right button a few years back.

      1. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

        Re: Haters gon' hate

        You've had no problems with Win10? Seems unlikely!

        That's rather obnoxiously confrontational (and I should know, as someone who specializes in obnoxious confrontation). But I too have to be suspicious of anyone who claims to have had no problems with an OS.

        I've used dozens of OSes (taking the term broadly), from the built-in monitors of 8-bit home machines to a range of minis; CP/M to MS-DOS to OS/2 to Windows from 2 to 7 (workstation and server); more flavors of UNIX than I can count; an assortment of Linux distributions from early days to the present; VAX VMS; VM/CMS; MVS with TSO and CICS and IMS running on top; no doubt others that slip my mind.

        I've had problems with every single one of them. If there's a perfect OS out there, I've never seen it.

        So when I see someone claim no problems with WIndows 10, I have to assume they're not asking much of it.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Haters gon' hate

          "If there's a perfect OS out there, I've never seen it."

          I really liked OS/400 back in the day. But then, I was a fledgling COBOL coder, not an admin, so maybe the admin view was different.

  15. graeme leggett

    "mobile usage already significantly exceeds PC usage"

    Following on the point about measuring the time split. How much is change from one form to other, and how much by increases in the availability of the newcomer.

    Is this because in the past, we spent the journey on the tube to work looking at the newspaper or fellow commuters stubble, spent 8 hours on the corporate Windows PC (including an hour of lunch playing solitaire) then went home to watch CoronationEndersFarm.

    Now we watch videos on our Android phone/iphone the tube on the way to work, spend 7 hours on corporate PC (and one hour on the phone checking social media), more social media on the way home and then the rest of the evening showing cat videos to our partners with one eye on the happenings in E17/Weatherfield/the Dales.

  16. mmeier

    Given the amount of "Win10 baaaad" articles here on the Reg, including even a piece of Troller Potts, Win10 will be a HUGE success and W10/mobile will rule the phone market by the end of the decade

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
      Paris Hilton

      Because people are NO LIKING X therefore X WILL BECOME SUCCESFULL and NYA NYA NYA

      I think this kind of statement only applies in /pol/itical discussions...

  17. IGnatius T Foobar

    Microsoft FAIL

    Windows 10 is not an operating system. Windows 10 is a delivery vehicle for Bing, Azure, and other Microsoft "services" which they will force you to use, and once in a while "helpfully" change your preferences when you try to use something else.

  18. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    "There's a reason that most (90 per cent!) people happily prefer Windows to Mac OS X, and buy Windows machines. They're comfortable with the experience."

    What I've actually heard from some people (buying blank PCs and OEM Windows CD to install on it as opposed to buying it without CD) was they liked Windows but then would go right on to "Don't you hate it when your computer " (litany of problems that Windows gets but OSX and Linux distros don't.. viruses, spyware, slowdowns as more and more programs are installed or whatever, dude even complained about how much he "had" to run defrag (he was running it like daily to get that 99% defraged back up to 100. Yeah.)) I will add here, I didn't have these problems when I've used Windows, I do think most of these guys' problems is shall we say operator error. But still, I would say it's more familiarity (afraid anything else will be too radically different) than comfort, the experience they described sounded downright harrowing to me.

    1. theOtherJT

      "Operator error"

      This is probably as important a factor as any. We* are inclined to actually take a bit of care of our computers. We care that they run right. We care that they're secure. As such, our Windows machines typically don't have all the sorts of problems that average users pan Windows for. Microsoft could make this easier for us, to be sure, but all that most people see - and therefore what most people talk about - is the UI, so they constantly fiddle with that rather than fixing the things that make us angry.

      So, we get cross at Win10 for not fixing the things we care about, and for making the things we don't care about, from our perspective, worse. Everyone else gets cross because things are different and anything different is something to learn and they didn't want to learn anything in the first place.

      * Reg readers, "technical people" in general

  19. mike acker

    msft O/S : unacceptable

    MSFT does not produce a secure o/s . their o/s is intended for other purposes and is un-acceptable in a network environment. their o/s will be phased out as soon as critical applications can be ported to secure operating environments . this is a change that has to happen .

  20. dajames Silver badge

    Comfortable, or tolerant?

    Here's the thing: those faithful love Microsoft. There's a reason that most (90 per cent!) people happily prefer Windows to Mac OS X, and buy Windows machines. They're comfortable with the experience.

    Shall we say just that they are more comfortable with that experience than they would be with the cost of buying a mac or with the bother of removing Windows from the PC and installing something else?

    That's what it comes down to, for most people. Windows is what came on the PC when it was bought. It's hard to buy a PC (apart from a Mac) that doesn't come with Windows.

    There are a few alternatives -- you can buy a laptop from HP or Dell with Ubuntu preinstalled -- but the choices of hardware are limited and neither it nor Ubuntu will run CallOfGrandFifaFlightShooter, which is all they really care about.

  21. Hans 1

    >Here's the thing: those faithful love Microsoft. There's a reason that most (90 per cent!) people happily prefer Windows to Mac OS X, and buy Windows machines. They're comfortable with the experience.

    No they are not, most cling to Windows XP/Vista/7 with claws out, THEY DON'T WANT 8, I am talking drones, here, like, for example, the receptionist. They won't want 10, once word comes out MS has NOT re-instated the start menu and COMPLETELY REMOVED Metro-style apps.

    They mostly cannot afford a Mac and don't know where to get a decent OS without bothering an IT friend.

    >Those same people run Android or iOS on their phones – because they like the experience and have yet to be convinced that Microsoft offers something better. But they're converts waiting to happen, if only Microsoft would give them something to love.

    Read my response above, you sir, are full of wishful thinking.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Go Microsoft!

  23. Vociferous

    Does price matter?

    I look at those sales charts, all those hundreds of millions of PCs and cellphones, and wonder -- is it completely irrelevant that the just the graphics card to my PC cost more than my smartphone? That just my Steam library represents a value roughly 500 times the sum total I've spent on phone apps?

    Seems to me, with cellphones only the producer and the carrier makes money.

  24. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

    "There's a reason that most (90 per cent!) people happily prefer Windows to Mac OS X, and buy Windows machines. They're comfortable with the experience."

    You are kidding yourselves.

    The main reason is that Macs cost perhaps twice as much as PCs for similar CPU power.

    You do get a better experience though, except when the Mac hardware is deemed to slow to get further OS updates, at which time your investment in equipment that generally keeps its value better than PCs, suddenly goes south.

    The other reason is that PCs have much more choice as gaming platforms.

  25. beavershoes

    Nobody likes Windows

    The only people here who advocate Windows are employed to blog good things about it. But they are so obvious because as we all know, nobody likes Windows.

  26. CP/M-80

    Dodgy Demographics graph

    The graph on page 2 is a little misleading. The percentages are mapped onto the length of arc, but the the arc is then swept through 60 degrees - making the desktop usage appear much lower than it is. e.g. for Canada, age 35-54 the 36% orange smartphone band appears (to me at least) larger than the 47% blue desktop band.

  27. Krytor

    windows 10 knocked out pre existing software on my HP

    I'm sure I'm not the only one having this problem but window 10 but it disabled Beat Audio control panel and Cyberlink Power to go (DVD and Blue Ray) player, software that worked perfectly fine on 8.1. Cyberlink wants me to upgrade because the program can not recognize the disks (which it had done perfectly well before the upgrade). nothing like paying for software twice and HP tells me I have a virus...I guess windows 10 is a virus now...went back to 8.1 and got beats Audio control panel back Still working on Cyberlink :(

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